Contact information

I go out of my way to make myself easy to contact. Just send mail to joeclark at this domain name (or any of the other domains I own). You can instant-message me, preferably on AIM at contenunu (though I’m on all the major systems).

Ground rules

However, there are some ground rules.

You can criticize me and my work all you want, but if you engage in vicious attacks that are clearly meant to hurt me personally, I can and will do any of the following:

  1. Respond in kind
  2. Report you to your boss, usually in writing on signed letterhead
  3. Report you to your mail provider, which, in the past, has resulted in suspension of accounts and deletion of all mail the correspondent had saved
  4. Publish your E-mail and ridicule it in public, probably with your name attached

I repeat: You can criticize me and my work all you want, but if your aim is to cause me harm, I will retaliate.

If you send disparaging E-mails about me to someone else and I find out about it, I can and will pursue defamation charges. I have an excellent lawyer and I rather doubt you do.

Who owns your E-mail?

I have an ownership in whatever you send me. Correspondence is the property of the recipient even if the sender also has a copy. Under any circumstances I feel warranted, I can and will publish your E-mail.

However, I will not do that under ordinary circumstances. (It might happen once or twice a year at most.) Also under ordinary circumstances, I will agree to keep your correspondence off the record if and only if you ask me first, and we agree, and I see a reason to do so. If I don’t know who you are or if you have caused me harm in the past, I won’t do it, but I almost always do.

Comments on other sites

If you use other people’s sites, including blogs, to attack me personally, I can and will do all of the same things I’d do if you mailed me personally. I will also lobby to have your comments removed and your commenting privileges permanently banned.

“We’ve been mailing you for weeks”

I answer all credible mail (initial messages, at least). I do not ignore mail. If you’ve been mailing me “for weeks” with no response, you’re doing something wrong or something else has happened. You need to try something else.

Don’t like any of the foregoing?

Then don’t contact me.

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Updated 2010.12.13