Friends who think they’re enemies

When you’re my age and you’ve been online nearly half your life, you lose friends. It’s unpleasant, but is it not unavoidable? It bothers me that anyone, especially my old friends, would believe I wish them ill. In fact, I almost always think highly of them. “I wish them well” isn’t a platitude but a statement of fact.

It is magical thinking to believe that warm feelings somehow help clarify the facts, so I have decided to write down a list of former friends (restricted to those with a significant online presence) alongside statements of good wishes. I am quite aware nobody else does this. I guess nobody else is as concerned as I am at staying on good terms even after friendships end, something I believe is in fact not an oxymoron.

I never initiate contact with any of the foregoing, of course. I just wanted to issue a unilateral statement of goodwill. I defy you to find fault.

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Updated 2011.04.30