When Chyrons attack

Let’s automatically slap a Chyron on top of another Chyron without even checking if the coast is clear first!

Chyron at screen bottom reads You’re watching: The Martha Stewart Show on top of another Chyron from the show. Small white dog in main picture
Chyron reads: Next: CBC News Today on top of another Chyron showing a phone number. Bald man with grey beard holding a dog in main picture

It’s particularly egregious here because the CorpseChyron™ is covering up Martha Stewart’s custom typeface, Archer, by Hoefler & Frere-Jones (rave). I had luncheon with the lads one day and they showed me the memo approving the design, complete with classic handwritten inscription “OK – MS.” An historic artifact, surely. If you want, I can dig up the podcast I listened to in which Tobias pretty much trashed every other slabserif in existence. As a staunch defender of Serifa, City, and Icône, I was outraged.

And you know Vitac clobbers both of these Chyrons with captions, right? (Captions for a show like this should be at screen top, two lines max.) To reduce boredom, I haven’t bothered with photos here, but I put one up on Flickr.

Superspecial bonus feature!

This posting included the following topics, each of which triggers pique and vitriol among readers of the Tea Makers.

  1. CBC screwing up
  2. Amerikanski programming on “Canada’s public broadcaster”
  3. Fonts
  4. Captioning
  5. Puppies