Five feet of blurry

A post entitled CBC employees really need customer-relations training notes that:

Yesterday Michael Coren slagged Omar Khadr... Coren got this E-mail in response:

You were kidding, right? No matter. That material is about as funny as a good old-fashioned waterboarding joke. Disgraceful.

Richard Goddard [with E-mail and phone numbers]

How stupid do you have to be to slag a taxpayer – the person who pays your salary – and use your work E-mail? Is this really a proper use of taxpayer-funded time and equipment? Are we safe in assuming that this employee’s position is the official position of the CBC?

I asked Richard Goddard for a response for attribution:

Coren’s column was published on Saturday. I replied the same day – my day off. So no cost to the taxpayer. I’m a taxpayer too – one entitled to an opinion. I objected to the tone of Coren’s column, given the sensitivity of the subject matter etc.

I assume the original poster is not being serious in claiming a calculable marginal cost in using “taxpayer-funded... equipment” to send a single E-mail.