Who designed the Corpse font?

My Own Boring Shit Alert: Who designed the CBC’s custom commoncase font?

Snippet from TV screen shows cbc.ca/taken in one font
Snippet from TV screen shows a date typeset in one font

Author’s note (added 2010.05.09)

Later, I received the following via instant message:

razorfish designed the eng cbc font btw
that's very interesting.
when they rebranded the corp years ago
the french rebelled
they were rebranded as "SRC" to match the 3-letter "CBC"
but no one ever called them that
they used it for a while
then went back to "radio canada"
what everyone called em
that's why you rarely see 'CBC/SRC" anymore
Does Razorfish still exist?
but they did it for a few years
In any form?
i dunno
I suppose you would have no reason to.
they also did nyt redesign a few years ago
it was very expensive rebranding
a lot of bitterness over it
funny thing about that font, it got "lost"
no one could find it
so designers redrew it as needed
just eyeballed it
I may report that as coming from a helpful source with inside knowledge.
then I'll pimp it on Typophile and see what happens.
they kept such a tight lid on the font, didn't want it to get out, that the caretakers of the font quit or died
typophile is a website?
anyways, eventually we found the font
and redid the graphics on the site
i imagine tv was using the real one, but online it was quite off