CBC Blogging Manifesto: Missing in action?

Anyone remember the CBC Blogging Manifesto? To refresh your memory quickly (edited version):

  1. Use common sense and don't do anything stupid. Blog to make the CBC better, not to kill it.
  2. Ad hominem attacks should be avoided but disagreeing is expected.
  3. Be brave. Be honest and tell it straight. Talk about new ideas and revive some old ones.
  4. Use audio, video and images fearlessly, but responsibly.
  5. Acknowledge and link to your sources.
  6. Blog wherever and whenever you want, but don’t let it detract from your job.
  7. Eschew advertising. Banner ads are tacky.
  8. During the next strike or lockout, you may feel urged to ignore any or all of these guidelines. Do so at your own risk, knowing that your words can harm yourself, others, and the CBC itself.

Let me just put something out there: We don’t see very many CBC blogs anymore because there isn’t the exigent crisis of the 2005 lockout and because CBC employees work under a climate of fear.

As a fitting example, it took someone who does not work for the Corpse to spring this body from the morgue, warm it up, and get it back online. And half of you hate it.