Claude Galipeau is VP of interactive at Astral, the people who bring us captioned hetero porn and illegal billboards. (Watch him live. Look at photos of him. Read his LinkedIn™ profile.)

Previously, Galipeau had essentially the same job at Alliance Atlantis, now owned by the people bringing us a “human-rights museum.”

And before that he ruled CBC Online with an iron fist, or so I am told. That’s not all I’d heard, of course, so I sent along this question for attribution:

I write the Tea Makers blog now. You will be aware what that is.

Is it true or false that, when an assistant at CBC pronounced your given name as “Clod,” you fired her or somehow otherwise caused her employment to end?

His E-mail system generated the read receipt I requested, so I know that someone with access to his published E-mail account, perhaps his secretary, opened the message. There was not, however, anything in the way of a response. He can answer the question in the comments section if he wishes.

And of course I tried to contact the assistant in question, but she doesn’t have anything resembling a published profile or E-mail address.