Today I attended the superglamorous “launch” of the “new” CBC Radio 2, which shall début to howls of geriatric outrage on September 2. (Full photos.)

The graphic-design approach was not original, but was typographic and well-executed.

Illustration of large 2 alongside the edge of another illustration

The event was held in Studio 41 way up on the top floor.

Man silhouetted against glowing orange scrims

You had to walk though a (very effective, symbolic, also well-executed) smokescreen to get there. It’s the Red Pill of CBC Radio.

Streaming vertical tendrils of smoke have words projected on them: Radio 2

Various CBC nabobs and new hosts read from a Teleprompter, often uncomfortably or woodenly.

Julie Nesrallah addresses the crowd
Tense-looking Rich Terfry addresses the crowd

Radio 2: Classical... and untucked shirts! (This guy almost made it in minor-league baseball?)

Some hosts could be seen giving “standups” to reporters in the anteroom.

TV crew interviews Rich Terfry

Whenever I visit Fort Dork, I always take a conspicuous walk through the lair of the in-house captioners, TV Broadcast Services on the sixth floor. I see they’ve moved most of the young girls with liberal-arts degrees out of the bullpen. (Peggy’s still got her office!) I am occasionally noticed when I do this, but not today, sadly.

Sign reads TV Broadcast Services (and other room designations)


And a network can hardly launch a new season without the attendance of its president, now, can it?