A Buck 65 manqué?

Alec “Whenever you see an invitation that says ‘What could be more magical than an evening under the stars in the Hamptons?’ you press delete” Baldwin explores alternate timelines with Eustace Tilley.

Baldwin imagined himself as... the presenter of a classical-music show on public radio. “I could do that,” he said, and he wasn’t exactly joking. He cares about classical music; he began to take an interest in his twenties. (Perhaps not surprisingly, he adores Mahler and can’t quite see the point of Mozart.) “To sit there in the studio and just say” – a rich radio voice – “ ‘And now Tchaikovsky’s Symphony Nº 6, with Charles Dutoit and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.’ Click. Hit a button, and then you sit back and listen, and they pay you for that.”