Denise Donlon: Money for Nothing

By our resident guest bloggeur, Allan.

CBC Radio English Services and Denise Donlon announced their engagement today.
For Denise, her Freedom 52 Plan will kick in on Sept. 29.
The CBC could not find anyone in the country with actual radio experience to take the job, so they decided that it didn’t really matter.
In response to her appointment, Denise invoked the current word du jour, “engage.” She wants to do whatever that word entails, having bypassed “moving forward” and anything that “resonates” with listeners.
And she’s ready to defend the recent confusion at Radio 2.
In a five-minute interview with Matt Galloway, squeezed in just before the 4:30 news, Denise boldly asserted that one thing that’s great about the CBC is that “people can listen to classical music 24 hours a day on the CBC,” later amending her claim with the more accurate “on CBC.CA.”

When Matt asked her exactly what we could expect from what she described as her “bag of tools,” Denise eventually got around to actually answering the question.
She expects a new era for the fragmented radio audience (made so by CBC’s lack of leadership and general cluelessness), one where all staff will henceforth ask themselves “What can I do to make the best possible radio show today?”
This is to be considered a modest advancement over the previous mission question, “What can I do to give the appearance of making the best possible radio show today?”

Ms. Let’s-Leave-Murray-Out-of-This joins the growing list of MuchMusic graduates who are helping to put a new face on maintaining the status quo at the lifeless, expensive, progress-stops-here national broadcaster.