Tory EuthanasiaWatch™ (1)

If the Tories get back in, are they going to shitcan the Corpse or not?

A poll carried out by the Conservative Party suggests the answer is yes. It included the tendentious statement “The CBC costs taxpayers over $1.1 billion per year.” Respondents were asked if they “think this is… a good use of taxpayer dollars” or “a bad use” of them.

I love the right-wing-asshole talking point that the CBC “costs” over a billion. By implication, it all goes to CBC Television – i.e., you’re spending all that money just to put Wheel of Fortune on the air. Actually, according to the CBC’s 2007–2007 annual report (PDF), “taxpayer dollars” account for $974 million, not $1,100 million. But what’s a couple of hundred mil between enemies?

Stéphane Dion actually bothered to bring this up.

“I challenge Stephen Harper to be honest with Canadians and admit he dreams of shutting down the CBC,” the Liberal leader told a small gathering at Place des Arts in Montreal….

Dion portrayed the CBC as an essential voice and a buffer against omnipresent U.S. culture. “I know very well what CBC represents for English Canada: The ability to have our own voice facing the very strong cultural influence of the United States – which is a good thing – but at the same time, we need to develop our own ways to develop our arts and culture.… I know that the Conservatives – not the Progressive Conservatives, but the Conservatives that Mr. Harper represents – hate the CBC,” Dion said.

Drinking game? Count how many times in the next three weeks right-wing assholes talk about “privatization.” (Jim Shaw brings you… public television.)