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CBC Radio gets new executive director:

From a CBC News Release:

– which says it all right there, but let’s continue –

CBC English Services has filled the important radio leadership chair in the country with its appointment today of renowned media executive Denise Donlon as executive director of radio, effective September 29, 2008. [...]

“Denise is without question one of the broadcasting industry’s most talented and dynamic organizational leaders,” says Richard Stursberg.... “She is both a proven administrator and team builder and a champion of creativity, artistic excellence and social responsibility. Her media experience and knowledge will complement and strengthen the mandate of CBC Radio, which is to engage all Canadians through its unique position as a non-commercial national public radio service.

“In addition to her professional attributes, she has developed a prodigious network of relationships throughout the entertainment, government, business, humanitarian and environmental communities in Canada and around the world,” Stursberg said. “All of which is useful to her leadership of CBC Radio, given its enormous range of programming which includes news, current affairs, the arts and, of course, the best music on Canadian airwaves.”

“I’m delighted to join CBC, as I’ve always believed in a strong and vibrant public broadcaster,” Donlon says. “CBC Radio is on a tremendous roll right now, launching exciting new programming that is engaging and meaningful to diverse audiences, reflecting all Canadians. These are exciting times and I believe CBC Radio is well-positioned to enhance its reputation as the country’s best and most vital radio service.”

I left a comment, of course:

Fake Ouimet says:
I think it’s great how Inside the CBC is now a publishing platform for stultifying news releases. Can you verify that the direct quotes were actually uttered as written?

Response? “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” But comments don’t close till October 8! There’s still hope!