I did some work for Zed in its “heyday.” It mostly involved unfucking their revised Web site. I visited the CBC Vancouver bunker and talked a mile a minute in the pale-cranberry-red nerdbox where Zedders toiled. I then proceeded to get so lost finding my way out of the place I had to ask Ian Hanomansing for directions. I shit you not.

My esteemed colleague there (take a wild guess who) recently agreed to answer some questions about this late, lamented show, but never actually bothered, even after repeated nagging and hollow promises. What were the questions?

  1. Why – really – did they shitcan Zed?
  2. Zed was “YouTube for artfags.” Discuss.
  3. What did the punters really expect was going to happen after they uploaded their “art”? Like Lana Turner getting discovered while she nursed a soda at the drugstore counter?
  4. How many things were you prevented from doing for the reason that, try as you might, you couldn’t get CBC managers to understand them?
  5. The last hostess sucked and was, in fact, widely despised. The Adilmans should have gotten the gig. Discuss.
  6. Be honest: How many of these uploaded video pieces really did work better on the “big” screen of television?
  7. What were the other candidate titles for the show apart from Zed, and who the hell decided to capitalize the D?