Guinea pigs

The experiment in which you were unwitting participants is now over. After polite but relentless remonstration from certain quarters, I decided to stay completely away from the comments section for a full week.

Hypothesis: People would call for my beheading less often, because this is supposed to be an inclusive blog and comments are the province of readers, not of whatever Ouimet happens to the writer.

Finding: Confirmed.

So, Kev and fellow haters, you won’t exactly get away with murder, because I am not promising never to write a comment on my own blog ever again, but I’m just going to let you kids go and play in your sandbox. This doesn’t mean your coworkers actually like you or don’t know the true identity cowering behind a cloak of anonymity. It doesn’t mean several other things, either, like reverting to the ancestral Tea Makers. It certainly does mean I am willing to improve.