The Vimeo Effect

Never never ever claim to the CBC that they’re working on a video “player” like the BBC iPlayer, because they’ll triumphantly use that as a wedge to make fun of whatever else you’re trying to tell them.

So no, there’ll be no corpsePlayer. But they’re still showing video online. They’re just doing it inside your browser, adding another thread to an ill-tempered application, which may in turn crash. (The browser is the new black operating system, isn’t it?)

And? No captioning or audio description. Clearly better than a standalone corpsePlayer. Independent thinking at work.

So why does the CBC Sports viewer “region” look like it came straight outta Vimeo?

Hockey video player images with blue or white Helvetica on a black background

Because the Vimeo Effect is a trend: Dark backgrounds acting as a field for bright blue or white Helvetica type (often set against its own mask). The Times is using it. So are the Australians. The NFB is, too (almost – they’re using orange). These black video players are all the rage.

Incidentally, Vimeo is to YouTube as Macintosh is to Windows. People who know quality use Vimeo.