Allan sends this one in:

Holy freakin’ efficiency, CBC!

A year later! A freakin’ year later! I arrive home to find a letter from the CBC in response to my question: “I would like to know if Mr. Tod Maffin is being compensated, either financially or in any other way by the CBC for his writings at the Web Page/Site titled INSIDECBC.CA.”

The answer: “A thorough search was conducted within CBC/Radio-Canada files. No records were found that respond to your request.”

Unbelievable. Is this a case of utter incompetence or a matter of “how soon they forget”? I demand a refund. I want my $5 back!

OK, lemme just say something here. They don't have to answer questions; you have to phrase your request in terms of “responsive records.” And they have every right to take you literally and address your request exactly as written. It shouldn't matter here, ideally, as, until recently, InsideCBC.CA redirected to InsidetheCBC.com. Or so I believe.