The two faces of McGrath


The true weapon of the critic is not to slam you; it’s the power to dismiss or ignore you. I also found it frustrating that a lot of the time when creatives in this country read a bad review, they never ever seem to see the things beyond the harsh words to the actual trenchant and fair criticism underneath.... To get all china-doll about the latter and only accept the former makes you a hypocrite. This isn’t Emily Post. It’s not “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.” I think we’d probably be a lot better off if Canadian creatives learned to man up a bit and take the crunchy with the smooth.

19 days ago:

Your favoured contributors and the Anonymice get to say whatever they want – but that “freedom” is strictly one-way... [W]hether you cop to it or not, the relentlessly downbeat tone here means that whatever legitimate criticism you do come up with gets lost. It’s all crying wolf all the time at the Tea Makers.... What was a valuable resource at one point, post-lockout, is now just malcontents crying “the sky is falling” 24/7. It’s actually rather sad.... I’m not one of those who consider destruction a creative act, but hey, whatever frosts your tips.