jDoyle aFarce

jDoyle on the now-finally-dead-and-buried Air Farce:

After 16 seasons, it’s all over.… I haven’t been a big Air Face fan in recent years.… I do admire the show’s longevity and uncanny ability to connect with viewers across Canada. I doubt if there’s a broadcaster on earth that would terminate a surefire hit in the way that CBC is letting Air Farce go. I suspect the situation surrounding the end of the show is

easily explained by the fact the show never was funny in any incarnation at any time, duplicates two other needless and unwanted news-parody shows on the network, and is a cherished favourite of aging senior citizens who need to be tossed off the lifeboat if we want anybody to survive the shipwreck.

Next he’ll be telling us nobody talks about Trailer Park Boys because it doesn’t reflect the glittering liberal Toronto elite that everyone in Canadian TV thinks they belong to. Oh, wait.