I cut short my morning espresso and raced via light rail to the David Frum Atrium for the sneak peek, or whatever it was called, of Being Erica.

Young photographer inspects camera as he stands alongside a sea of mostly-unfilled chairs

Excitement builds

Two guys in black T-shirts seem to tend to Erin as she turns to the side with eyes closed

Not quite makeup (they’re roadies)

Shooting Being Erica was “the greatest five months ever!” Karpluk enthused, also more or less admitting she was dragged back here from Vancouver just for this event.

Fred Fuchs, creatrix Jana Sinyor, Erin Karpluk, writer Aaron Martin

Fuchs took some questions and exhibited a quirk of Canadian English as he thanked the panel of “Jana, ‘airin’ and ‘airin’ ” (the names rhyme).

I said hi to Fuchs, who seemed pleased to meet me, and nicely pigeonholed him for more male-oriented programming – “and not just gay-male-oriented programming.” “What about The Border?” “I grant you that.” “Mercer?” This I ignored.

Petite, well-coiffed Erin Karpluk and stocky, shaven-headed, hairy-chested Aaron Martin

(L to R)    Erica; bear

“I’m monogamous to Chris Haddock,” I told him.

By this time the sneak-preview episode was already running, on a washed-out giant screen with no captions, and I hardly wanted to spoil the surprise of a future cozy Monday night in with the girls.

Our answer to the question?

It was a trick question! She wore boots!