‘Would you like your pink slip now or later?’

Don Cherry interviewed by Ryan Kennedy in the February 9 Hockey News (not onliné):

Is there anybody who could replace you?

No.... I think if MacLean quit, I’d quit, too. We’ve been together too long and to do [it] with another guy, it wouldn’t be the same. But he’s got a five-year contract; I’ve got a five-minute contract.

The first time I met the current executive director (of CBC Sports), Scott Moore, I was having my makeup done. He said, “I’m Scott Moore. Would you like your pink slip now or later?” And I said, “Well, a lot of guys have tried.” The next time I picked up the newspaper he said, “Don’t worry about Don. He’s like a thoroughbred. I’m going to ride him till he breaks down and then shoot him.”

The other guys just wanted to fire me. We’ve got a strange situation, but I think Scott understands me.