Corpse in trouble with CRTC

This is about as serious as being in trouble with Tea Makers commenters, and the whole process is so slow it’s like being menaced by a glacier, but CBC has actually been “called to a hearing” with the CRTC. (Have you ever heard of that happening before?)

Why? Land and Sea begat Country Canada begat bold (sic), but “the regions” were left behind in this quest for upward mobility.

On 26 October 2007, Commission staff met with representatives of the CBC to discuss its plan to re-brand Country Canada as bold. At that meeting, the CBC submitted that this change could be done without amending the nature of service of Country Canada.

On 27 November 2007, Commission staff sent a letter to the CBC advising that a departure from Country Canada’s current nature of service with respect to providing television service to rural Canadians from a rural perspective would require Commission approval of an application to amend this condition of licence.

Country Canada relaunched as bold on 27 March 2008.

At the hearing, to take place June 2 (a long time from now), CBC will somehow have to argue that reruns of The Tudors are just the sort of thing farmers wanted all along.

But can we ask why nothing is being done about the blatant disregard for terms of licence shown by the Privates, as on channels like History and Prime TVTropolis?