Broadcaster bailout and teh Gays

Because there has to be a “queer” angle, doesn’t there?

‘Outlooks’ cover showing RuPaul April Outlooks (giant PDF), p. 11 (excerpted):

With so many media and news outlets in danger during this recession, do you think the government should have a role in helping them out?

Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth (Ontario – Cluny): Yes and no – it depends on how it is done. What the government has chosen to do is to keep those who make content still in business. They’re not going to bail out the Asper family for their debt load; but the CBC is crown-owned, so they’re already funded. They will help with jobs, and that’s what the Canada Media Fund is – over $134 million this year supporting programming.

Part of the outlay for the broadcast industry is that people get more choice – people get what they want, when they want it, and I think that’s also true for the queer community, and that some of that programming money will go into that as well. We won’t help the corporations; but we’ll help the corporations stay relevant, and they’ll hire actors and set designers and program scriptwriters, and all the people that go into making shows and increasing the content.

Then there’s a response from actual gay Scott Brison, more about copyright than anything else.