OTW® 3: Our BSG is better than their BSG

Aaand welcome back to Open Thread Weekend™, posted before you actually leave for the weekend for a change.

This week, our question is: Which shows on the Privates would the Corpse have done better?

I don’t mean turning down Trailer Park Boys. I mean a Canadian program that’s airing right now that would have been better under the thriving ecosystem of first-class production that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation epitomizes.

The kernel around which you may crystallize your responses is as follows: Qubit. Yes, the bizarrely-spelled qubiz show featuring qubizmaster Andrew Anthony on the Discovery Channel. You may remember A. Anthony from such series as Matchmaker and Restaurant Makeover. I find him quite droll, actually.

But the show is a disgrace. Rather too much reliance on computer graphics (which contestants pretend to be staring at) for what is effectively Trivial Pursuit in cyberdrag. I know we can do better in the field of game shows where people stare at graphic effects. Canada’s Super Speller was just on the other day, and wasn’t that J-Roc as the voice of Gerund?

So: What could we have done better? Special note: You are empowered to use the word “we” even if you are not a queen, editor, person with a tapeworm, or CBC employee.