About fawny.org & Joe Clark

Since you’re reading my personal site (as opposed to the business site), let me take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on some personal details.

Some of my interests

Me in black jacket with blue patch, photographed against brown door I work in the field of accessibility for people with disabilities, I am a writer, and I have a strong interest in typography.

I also have an interest in minority languages, about which, apart from doing a lot of reading, I have not yet come up with a way for me to do anything significant. I do actually have a B.A. in linguistics (University of Toronto, 1989, though I spent two years at McGill).

I used to list a few other significant interests, which, ironically, I barely ever worked on. Now the only other significant interest I feel it is defensible to list is protection of animals – a topic that has been important to me from childhood, and important enough to completely reconfigure my life to avoid harming animals since the mid-’90s.

Origin of the name “fawny”

Let me answer the common question “Where did you get the name ‘fawny’ from?” It isn’t a name and it isn’t my name – it’s just the domain name of this site. The origin is explained in the Redhead Cluster Phenomenon’s History section (though the citation below is from yet another document. It all leads back to red-haired eyelashes (yes).

Fawny has overtones of Chinese baptismal names like Chauncey (you half-expect a woman named Fawny also to be named Hor-Cheung Lau) and the ancient female given name, now the butt of schoolyard jokes, Fanny. It is an aggressively unmasculine name, even though I could not be described the same way.

Concluded projects

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