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I didn’t write it!

Postmodern everything


I need to knock off this bingeing shit

Log every day. That’s what I tell myself. When I remember, at least.

What I do instead is log massively on rare occasion. Like 15 entries at a go.

I thereby betray a lack of discipline.



My radio silence in the last two weeks has been due to (a) work; (b) having six dozen items to update, inducing option paralysis; and (c) spending as much time as possible reading Pattern Recognition by Gibson...

...which I am now logging and annotating in a not-ungigantic online project.

Also, the speaking notes from my star-turn presentation to the Toronto Usability Professionals Association are up.


I didn’t write it

Over on Webword, one reads this Q in a Q&A:

Joe Clark asks: I have some long prose pages, and I wonder at what point should they be broken into separate pages. I hate the scroll....but I hate the little chunks per page. These will not be shortened; they are the length they are. So, what is the optimal number of words per separate html document?

I didn’t write the question. Apart from disputing the premises of the question, I would not commit so many typing errors.

There’s more than one Joe Clark out there, but this seems like a straightforward setup, of the sort now rather commonplace on my Amazon reviews page.


Postmodern everything

What does it take to turn an umbrella (or stapler or Hyundai or tackle box) postmodern?

Or, perhaps more relevantly in our current socioeconomic context, is there arugula on Staten Island?

Find out now as we stoke up the cyclotron and journey back Ten Years Ago in Spy.

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