The Ethics & Otitis Media World Tour

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The Ethics & Otitis Media World Tour

Updated 2001.07.14

In June 2001, I spoke on a panel at the Ethics & the Sports Media conference addressing the musical question (show tunes, shurely?!)


Is there a legitimate story in reporting an athlete’s sexual orientation? How does the absence of a homosexual perspective in the press corps affect coverage? What standards are used in covering homosexuality? What is machismo’s effect on these issues?

I decided to make a bit of a New England tour out of the trip, spending a day and a half in New York and less than a day in Boston. This is my story.

What’s in a name?

The name of the conference was of course Ethics & the Sports Media. On Day Two, I woke up with otitis externa in my left ear, a painful bacterial infection of the ear canal.

A great many children catch a similar infection of the inner ear, otitis media. Now, I know I didn’t have that, but Ethics & Otitis Externa World Tour doesn’t have much of a ring to it, now, does it?

So I went for the obvious pun even if it causes irritation to pedants. (You’ve got nothing on the irritation in my ear, which, as I write this, still is not cured.)

Where’s the tofu?

After sitting for two weeks on a 5,000-word eyeglazer covering my final day (spent at the Media Acccess Group at WGBH), and after procrastinating for far longer than that in documenting the rest of the trip, I've decided to post my reportage in stages. (It beats option paralysis.)

If it ain’t a live link below, it ain’t available yet.

  • Thursday: Conference day one – What is this, Ethics & Sports Media or Ethics & Sports Marketing?
  • Friday: Ouch! My ear! ¶ Conference day two – A star turn in front of an adoring crowd
  • Saturday: Left at the altar. ¶ Bi City DJs
  • Sunday: By the Aryan Nations Recruiting Station (Big Cup) I sat down and wept
  • Monday: The Media Aggro Group