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Updated: 2002.02.16, 2007.07.27 15:05

I read an only-vaguely-nasty review of Pattern Recognition and vowed, since I had money in my pocket, to actually buy the book. I do rather obsessively read everything Gibson writes, which, apart from his books, is not much.

I underwent the foreground experience of immediately noticing references within the first ten pages. The obvious parallel between Damien the music-video director and Chris Cunningham the music-video director and would-be Gibson adaptateur took the cake, and I started jotting down notes.

I’ve blogged print-medium sources before (Zeeland, Klosterman, Kassovitz), and dug up printed sources for Web-related blog entries. I don’t know why other people don’t do the same. This is, however, my first foray into logging and annotating a book even as I read it.

I’m about 200 pages into the book and about 19 pages into the annotations. This is gonna take a while. I’d suggest visits about once a week.


As soon as I got the idea, I flashed on the exemplar of the online annotation medium: An Annotation of Literary, Historic, and Artistic References in Alan Moore’s Graphic Novel ‘V for Vendetta’ by Madelyn Boudreaux. (See previous mention.)

I aspire to achieve Madelyn’s degree of excellence.

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