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What people are saying about me

The only thing worse than being talked about, etc.

From “interviews in Cambodia”

  • “You come across as somewhat arrogant
  • “You make me uncomfortable
  • Before: “We think you’re quite a character and we want to talk to you”
    After: “This is to let you know that we have offered the job of executive producer to another candidate. Thank you for the time that you spent interviewing with us. All the best for the future”
  • “Candidly, I’m concerned that, with your intelligence and self-confidence, you might find it hard to work with the team”

Other bons mots

  • “Joe, you kind-of-funny guy
  • “Oh, you cranky man”
  • “It’s a pity for them, not you, because your intelligence and insight are extremely rare in the world – and almost unheard-of in the new-media industry – whereas their fear and second-guessing are fairly common commodities”
  • “Joe! Joe! He’s our man! If he can’t ‘do it,’ quit wasting the film!
  • “You’re like all educated and stuff”
  • “You wouldn’t know design if it bit you in the ass”
  • “I can’t pretend to understand the mind of Joe Clark”
  • “the rantings of lunatic, obsessive Webloggers who actively scour Hissyfit for my posts to meticulously deconstruct in their jaw-droppingly, staggeringly-fucked-in-the-head online journals”