Stuff White People Like: Softball questions and no followup

Tired, dull-edged, superannuated Laurie Brown, her Znaimerist days long behind her, guest-interviewing Christian Lander on Q (“cue the podcast”), 2008.07.08 (MP3; at iTunes):

— Now, one last thing about white people. Why do people like listening to writer David Sedaris talk on public radio?

— Not only on public radio, but also in person.

— Yes.

— Like, people pay $100 to hear him read from his own book. Well, I mean, there’s the basic and honest level of he’s hilarious – he’s so funny and he’s so good at what he does. But I – I can’t fully explain why he’s so beloved that people will pay so much money to hear him read from a book that they’ve already read.

— Well, you know what, he’s going to be on the show later this week.

— Oh, really?

— So we will try and talk – “here he is, you know, David Sedaris on public radio.” All the things that white people like.

A chummy and really very understanding Laurie Brown interviewed David Sedaris two days later (MP3; at iTunes). (“Readers flock to his public appearances”!) Here is the complete list of her post-intro questions and interlocutions: