Stursberg vs. RRJ

(Well, he’s always versus somebody, isn’t he?)

I spent $7.86 of my last 20 bucks on the Summer 2008 issue of Ryerson Review of Journalism. I’ve read it for years and have a stack of back issues. I didn’t attend this year’s release party, ensuring I would not leave the place almost in tears.

Two-page spread headlined ‘On Trial,’ with full-page illustration of Stursberg

The RRJ issue contains “On Trial” by Rachel Barsky, a feature article on our Übergruppenführer Richard Stursberg. In it, Stursberg’s truculence and assholism attain new levels. Stursberg is clearly a Fred “Cuntz”–like figure – a boss who fancies himself a kind of J. Jonah Jameson (but with balls!), reacting to any hint of mutiny or critique with “Not onboard with my decision? Fuckyez!

Note that he almost refused to entertain Barsky’s follow-up questions after initial interviews. Many sources refused to be quoted by name. Some were quoted saying they were afraid to be quoted. In what respect is Stursberg’s reign not one of terror? CBC: A hostile work environment from the top down.

As the issue is not yet onliné, I shall précis certain Stursbergian bons mots and pensées.


Here is the list of “charges” against Stursberg that Barsky investigates, using original reporting and whatever tiny morsel of a response Stursberg deigned to give her.

  1. Stursberg is starving TV news in his quest to beef up entertainment
  2. Stursberg wanted to divert millions from Newsworld into general network coffers
  3. In the Stursberg era, the quality of The National has continued to diminish
  4. Stursberg wants more news lite
  5. Stursberg has no overall plan for CBC News

What are your charges?