This just in: Your job sucks

“Everybody knows” that CBC is a hostile work environment in the same way “everybody knows” Igor was a bicycle thief. It took a while for authorities to back up the latter allegation, if still unproven; backing up the former allegation took even longer. The facts, however, are in.

Almost half of CBC’s 10,000 employees suffer from “high levels” of psychological distress related to their working conditions, according to a 2005 “wellness” survey of 4,630 staff obtained through the Access to Information Act.

The survey, which cost an estimated $100,000 [Ouimet said $1 million! – Ed.], asked employees questions related to psychological health, harassment, working conditions and job satisfaction.

The results describe a “troubled” working environment where 44% of staff displayed symptoms of high-level psychological distress. [...]

When it came to harassment, 12% of staff said they had endured abusive comments, rude gestures and even death threats from their fellow employees and supervisors.... A short list of comments made by respondents reveal that one of the most common harassment complaints was: “My boss told my co-workers that he couldn’t stand me and that he hated me.” [...]

The stress and harassment has led to poor job satisfaction. A third of CBC staff said they had a high intention of quitting their jobs.

Well, hey, join the club: Most CRTC employees surveyed also want to quit.

The report concluded by saying staff, regardless of their department, are at risk of poor recognition for their work, poor relations with supervisors, work overload, conflicts over who does what job, career instability and substandard communication within the company. [...]

The corporation has yet to conduct an additional survey to find out if conditions have improved.

Well, why would they? Canadians are lousy at follow-through.

If ever there were a time for guest posts, this is it

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