This just in: We exist


CBC spokesthingy Jeff Keay deigns to acknowledge the existence of nouvelle formulation Tea Makers!

He top-posted the following:

Actually, Joe, I haven't yet decided whether I'm going to engage with you or not. I chose not to with your predecessor.

This is false, of course. Perhaps he's debating what the meaning of “is” is.

While Alphonse Ouimet might not have posed questions to sources, I do. A refusal to respond gets reported. (So, as you see here, will a tardy response.)

[Answer to question for forthcoming post excised. – Ed.]

As to your previous question about stories focusing on accessibility/disability issues, I’ve asked around informally and understand there have been numerous examples, but given the current workload borne by my colleagues due to the Olympics and an upcoming season launch, I’m reluctant to initiate an exhaustive search right now.

Shorter Jeff Keay: “People tell me we’re doing OK, but I can hardly ask them to prove it.”