Chill? George

Strombo interviewed in beer magazine. (Overlook the lapse attested by the question “What makes you laugh?”)

I was going to leave MuchMusic anyway, I was 31, twice the age of some of the audience, and I just didn’t connect to that kind of pop culture. Pop culture to me is an iceberg, the pop is the tip and the culture is what’s below the surface. The culture is what makes us interesting and important. The pop is the bullshit stuff you look at because it’s fun, but you can’t live off it....

But I really like the people at CBC. I also grew up reading the media in this country, and I thought there was an extreme anti-CBC vibe. I thought that even before I worked there. When the CBC does this, they get ripped, but when other media does the same thing, they don’t.... I believe in what it is. They’re good people, and I wanted to work with them, so if I’m going to work with them, I’m sure we can make something good. TV is like baseball. I mean you fail seven times out of ten. But if you fail seven times out of ten, you’re going to the Hall of Fame in baseball.

There’s probably a classic error of logic in there somewhere, but I like the sentiment.