Kirstine Layfield: ‘Don't take my picture’

A guest post by... Allan! (Yes.)

Dear Pen Pal,

I took your advice and stopped watching The Hour.
It was really irritating me and now I feel much better.

This weekend the Foo Fighters and Oasis will pass through where I work. Do you think I should try and get an interview with them?
Hey, maybe I could become the oldest VJ in the world.
Oh, right.

I ran into Kirstine Layfield at the supermarket and showed her my new iPhone.
She too likes Amy Winehouse.
I knew she would.
She’s so nice, even in person.
And she must have been reading my mind when she saw that my new device was also a camera, because before I could ask her she said “don’t take my picture.”
But it would have been so great – Kirstine and me, captured in megapixels.
It may have been a mistake to mention Tea Makers.
It was probably also a mistake to mention that I was writing a post entitled “How Do You Get Rid of a Show Like Maria?”
But she is so nice and friendly and courteous.
It really makes you wonder how it is that a good person can survive in broadcasting without becoming a complete phony.

Oh, right.

Have fun in your new semester!

Your friend,