Gestation of a segment on Spark

  1. Adbusters article on hipsters:

    Pabst Blue Ribbon beer [is a] symbol and icon of working or revolutionary classes that [has] been appropriated by hipsterdom.

  2. Q (“cuethepodcast”) interview (MP3) with author of Adbusters article:

    PBR is a great example of how it was virally marketed since 2001. And people naturally just embrace it, but that’s because it’s been associated with fixed-gear biking and bike messengers. And so when somebody buys into the idea of a fixed-gear bike, they’re naturally buying into PBR.... And that’s just, like, an icon of hipsterdom.

  3. Spark segment on Pabst Blue Ribbon and hipsterdom.

Or maybe it went the other way around – Spark didn’t notice an opening to lazily replicate existing original reporting until Q lazily replicated that original reporting.

Which part did I get wrong?

At least Jesse Brown has promised to own up to the sources he steals from. We’re paying you to conduct original reporting, not to put blog authors and hacks on the air to summarize what they already wrote.