Boner Week (1)

A few amusing or embarrassing photos of CBC dyscaptionisms and dyschyronisms.

Chyron reads Henery Champ CBC NEWS

Boner Week (2)

I guess I spoke too soon on this one.

Caption: You’re local news is next

Boner Week (3)

The first couple of days, these contest announcements sailed right through. Then somebody decided they don’t apply here and slapped this banner on the screen (clobbering captions, incidentally).

Banner across Wheel Watchers screen reads OPEN TO U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY

Boner Week (4)

Tampa Bay: Lightening our load since 1992.

Caption includes the italicized word Lightening over an image of a goalie

Boner Week (5)

That’s too long an URL, honey.

Chyron on screen gives lengthy on URL ending in submit.html