Bizarre gay coverage

Scott Dagostino posits – in Xtra (2008.10.08), the Toronto homosexualist fortnightly owned by the “nonprofit” that owns the other Toronto homosexualist fortnightly, part of OutTV, a phone-sex line, and various “dating” sites – that CBC employees are scared shitless by Harper and the Tories. The only sources who will cop to such fear are quoted anonymously, conjuring memories of anonymous cowards in our comment threads.

There is one source quoted by name: Denis “Not Dennis” Neck Fat McGrath. Oh, and Jeff Keay.

But if Harper wins a majority, can we expect the CBC to swing to the right to preserve its federal funding? “That would be a mug’s game to speculate on that,” says Keay. Any CBC bias, he insists – left-wing or otherwise – “is toward credible, responsible public-service journalism.”

Obviously there were no external critics of the CBC who are actually out and who could have provided a comment. But is this supposed to mean Denis McGrath is gay? I know several fatties who’d be all hot for him ’n’ shit. Well, if he had facial hair.