Manly, yes, but

I’m going to float a theory here that only partly amounts to riding my own hobbyhorse.

Start with this photo-op artifact (Mike Cassese, Reuters) from James Moore’s announcement of the new Canadian Media Fund… on the set of Flashpoint:

Hugh Dillon and Enrico Colantoni, in SWAT-like uniforms, flank James Moore, in a suit

Flashpoint is a big manly production about a big manly topic that people, even Toronto people, use an American term to describe: SWAT teams. The guys look fantastic in the various vests and cargo pants and wraparound holsters. Even iceblond cupcake David Paetkau looks good.

The show is American in everything other than setting, so of course it sold to the Americans. That’s what make it interesting to right-wing assholes: It thrives in the free market. But they also like it because it upholds nice manly values.

James Moore is hardly a right-wing asshole or a hick or anything else; he’s not uncultured, he stuck it out in French immersion in British Columbia, he understands technology. He’s no good at spotting Canadian (and “Quebec”) celebrities, but that’s not the point here.

The point is he’s a big guy in a male-dominated political party (I know, they all are, but follow me for a moment) and if he’s gonna show up anywhere to announce a new funding program, it’s gonna be at a big manly show. Right now Canadian shows don’t come any manlier than Flashpoint. (Check the size of Hugh Dillon’s basket.)

What about The Border? Too dicey with its implied mockery of Americans – sort of like Intelligence’s plain depiction of American spies in Canada. (Haddock says that’s one reason it got shitcanned.) Conservatives get quite riled at mockery of Americans.


CBC is, yet again, trying to demonstrate why it should exist, and everyone is acting like CBC and CBC Television are one and the same thing. What are CBC’s marquee shows?

I was being sincere when I told Fuchs we needed more male-oriented programming. Right-wing assholes already think CBC = CBC Television is a left-wing bastion. Girly, effeminate programming automatically seems left-wing to them because girly, effeminate anything seems leftist to them.

Under the former programmer of a cooking and decorating network, that’s all CBC Television has to offer these days.

Why would anybody be surprised the Tories are so unsympathetic to the Corpse? To them, CBC is in the business of cultural emasculation.