According to the signals emanated, no doubt with a Cheneyesque lack of contrition, from the desk of Dick Stursberg, this is the week 180 CBC English employees will lose their jobs.

Not many of the Tea Makers writers work at the Corpse (use of second-person pronouns notwithstanding). The number isn’t zero, but we aren’t led by Alphonse Ouimet anymore.

I’m not going to pretend to understand the tribulations each and every one of those 180 people will face. This is one of those times when the floor needs to be opened even wider than it ever was. I want everyone to view this thread as a platform they can use to talk about the layoffs – any aspect, up to and including how the process went for you and what you want to do now. Or anything else.

You can stay anonymous or pseudonymous or use your real name, as you wish. Or you can write a full-fledged guest post, again under any authorship you choose. You can do whatever you want. The floor is yours.