Doug Coupland’s houseboy?

I do not understand this advertisement for the Radio 2 online stream (in last Saturday’s Globe).

Shoeless young man in T-shirt and shorts sits with laptop in dense forest

I associate a collision between dense forest and human technology with Douglas Coupland (takedown), who is constantly telling interviewers that his house is a bulwark against the forest primeval that surrounds it. (Look out his bathroom window.)

Here I see somebody put a couple of steps together and nailed boards to a tree, meaning this qualifies as human architecture of some kind, but in what woods is this young man sitting where he can listen to Radio 2 by Web stream? If he can do that, isn’t he in range of a radio transmitter?

Isn’t this ad reminiscent of early-’90s ads for Windows 95 laptops that showed yoga instructors sitting in a lotus position on a rocky outcropping in the Grand Canyon?