Hey! There’s another one!

Here I provide direct empirical evidence of the Redhead Cluster Phenomenon. Below you’ll find documentation of sightings of redheads close together in space and time.

May 2000

2000.05.05 13:00
Fair-skinned, scant hair on head, hair parted on the right, green shirt, 38, expounding volubly to female friend as conference attendees, most of them wearing nametags, smoke outside a Front St. building.
2000.05.05 15:00
23, wearing shades and a T-shirt. Skinny. So little hair he looks like he’ll get sunburned around the edges.
2000.05.05 15:20
2000.05.05 16:25
Gold hair and brows, burnt red neck, black T-shirt, track pants, thug body and gait, walking with accomplice.
2000.05.05 16:29
Carroty hair, big nose, blue shorts, khaki shirt, blue-and-white "Toronto" scarf hanging down to hips. Brown eyes, copper brows and lashes. 21, 6′,0".
2000.05.05 16:34
36, backward Labatt Ice baseball cap, blue tank top, bright red mullet, always-been-poor wife, young girl alongside, age 5, nagging "Dad! Dad!" Ray-Ban knockoffs, moustache.
2000.05.05 16:38
28, going bald, British accent, suedeheaded with a mix of brownish and reddish hairs. Stüssy T-shirt, overlarge blue track pants, black Adidas "trainers," unshaven, off-yellow-green shades resting on head, brown constellation of freckles at base of neck. Great nose. Brown facial hair. Goatee is longer than hair on the cheeks, suggesting a pomo fashionista obsessif with a pair of hair clippers he wields every other day.
2000.05.05 17:08
6′,2″, strawberry-blond, white shirt open to the sternum (hairless chest), silver choker, fair brows, linen cargo pants, blue eyes, a big pointy nose. Would be visibly sophisticated even without signifiers of clothing. Frankly ruddy sideburns. Glen Baxter–like.
2000.05.07 20:45
20, 5′10″, copper, with Everlast 2.0–style facial hair (thin line along jaw, goatee), baggy button-up short-sleeve shirt, black pants, out with a friend.
2000.05.09 13:40
20, All-American clean-cut lad with wavy copper hair, blue eyes, a slightly upturned nose, gingham shirt, gold brows. Staring blankly at computer monitor. Zoned out.
2000.05.09 16:16
26, Anthony Edwards type, 6′,2″, thin, brownish, with sideburns.
2000.05.09 20:15
17, 5′10″, 200 pounds, flaming hair, red baseball cap, black shirt, white shorts, two friends.
2000.05.10 15:25
23, 5′8″, golden-copper, well-cut, spiky hair, wearing a Walkperson, a good casual jacket, and white pants. Walks as if a bit stoned and happy (both!).
2000.05.11 16:00
25, 5′9″, dumpy nebbish, straight dark-brown red hair with black undercoat.
2000.05.11 16:55
25, 6′,2″, flaming orange bristles and sideburns, riding a bike. Ruddy complexion.
2000.05.11 17:15
17, light cinnamon hair, very fair with freckles, baggy pants, button-up shirt.
2000.05.13 12:00
Adam, 17, 5′10″, bookstore clerk, flaming unkempt red mop of hair, fair skin, virtually-invisible brows, "dresses for warmth."
2000.05.13 15:00
5′11″, tidy copper hair, brown sideburns and goatee, heather piqué long-sleeved polo shirt and white pants, smoking and pushing a stroller with brown-haired wife. 35.
2000.05.13 15:17
5′8″, dumpy, wearing leather jacket with felt sleeves à la varsity jackets. Very dark red with black undertones, with girlfriend and a box containing a new pet rescued from the Humane Society.
2000.05.14 16:55
5′9″, brownish-red with goatee, a very rich dark colour. Heavyset. Shades. Sweater and jeans, walking white-and-orange dog. 39. A naturally-masculine type.
2000.05.14 16:56
24, a "hip kid" with a raging mop of mod-rock-style hair, with friend. Disappeared into film shoot before positive ID.
2000.05.15 12:35
26, nebbish, with glasses, 5′9″, green shirt, wavy brown-red hair that’s thinning up top.
2000.05.15 13:15
Early-40s businessman in business-casual grey polo shirt, glasses, acne or angiomas, very fair with sparse red hair.
2000.05.15 16:20
Blond, light skin, with screaming blue eyes. Region around the eyes is several shades in itself, further drawing attention. Covered with dark freckles. Darker blond undercoat. 24, 5′11″, skinny, with baseball cap. Very suspicious of my notetaking.
2000.05.16 18:00
38, 5′8″, dumpy vulgarian, with light red-blond hair but markedly darker russet unkempt goatee.
2000.05.16 18:15
5′9″, 17, baggy blue jeans with turned-up cuffs, white untucked formal shirt, grey zippered hooded sweatshirt. Rich caramel-red, wavy hair. Fair skin, dark blue eyes. Thin brows. Very skinny. "What’s it like being a redhead?" "I like it. It’s tough, though. We lead a tough life." "What, you sunburn in March?" Laughs. "Yeah."
2000.05.17 13:17
26-year-old d00d, fairish red hair, black baseball cap, jockboy shades, driving his black Jeep too aggressively around a corner. Clear complexion.
2000.05.17 13:34
6′,2″, 32, a big-boned type, large head with mass of wavy dark-copper hair, blue shirt, rust cargo pants, walking with a pretentious and homely chick up Tecumseth St. "Is this a trendy street up here?" she asks. "I’m in the mood for something deliciously decadently fattening." Then she whines for sushi.
2000.05.17 14:42
40, 5′9″, sandy receding hair, tidy brownish-red beard, Ray-Ban knockoffs, green jacket, blue jeans, black socks, rubberized valise, taking notes on the streetcar. Fair-skinned, surprisingly handsome.
2000.05.17 20:37
5′11″, blue jeans, gingham shirt, jean jacket, thin, but very bright hair and blue eyes, quite clean and smooth complexion, 31, big feet in big boots.
2000.05.27 14:13
26, 5′8″, receding hair, very sparse on top, golden except for reddish sideburns, fair lashes, vaguely plasticky skin, strawberry hair on arms. "Do you consider yourself red-haired?" "I don’t consider myself having much hair at all." Ultimately he says "no." "That’s your opinion."
2000.05.27 14:17
6′,1″, 25, full head of dark wavy red-brown hair, slender, manly.
2000.05.27 14:24
6′,1″, 38, receding hair straddling strawberry and red, luminescent blue eyes, with one-year-old son on shoulders.
2000.05.27 23:27
Adam from the bookstore, with zits.
2000.05.30 18:10
6′,1″, 37, greyish-complected, very light sandy hair, rail-thin and twee. Walks by, then later rides away on a bike.
2000.05.30 18:30
5′11″, overweight and husky, black-rimmed nerd glasses, the squarest haircut imaginable, white jacket, shuffling home.
2000.05.30 23:02
26, alabaster skin, copper well-cut hair, copper goatee, a stunning Kenneth Branagh analogue sitting on Queen St. with his gf unit.
2000.05.31 11:50
21, 5′9″, very plain beige jacket, light freckles covering nape, yellowish-red hair combed straight over top, sides, and back.
2000.05.31 13:10
5′10″, 26, with an evident intellectual disability, wavy red hair, moustache, ruddy complexion, jean jacket, blue jeans with oddball fabric patches here and there as part of the original design.
2000.05.31 14:10
17, 6′,0″, raver type, possible fag-in-training, cupric hair with black undercoat, walking alongside echt-poseur 30-year-old friend with bleach-blond hair and all the wrong fashion signifiers (a T-shirt that showcases his spare tire, overalls with one strap undone à la ’80s rapper dudes, quite the wrong kind of swagger).
2000.05.31 14:22
36, 200 pounds, outta shape, with muttonchops and messy hair under a ballcap.
2000.05.31 19:20
40, receding hairline, dramatic eyeglasses, twee, skinny, caressing bleach-blonde late-late-30s gf unit in public, with ancient toy white chien underfoot (whom they would no doubt describe as "beloved").


2000.06.05 11:20
21, 5′9″, in full-body blue overalls, walking down an alley with a friend carrying a six-pack (likely of beer: it wasn’t Coke- or Pepsi-colour-coded). Trim haircut, bright hair colour. Strangely touching aura about these two. When rounding the corner, the two share a laugh and the redhead’s friend pats him on the centre of the back momentarily.
2000.06.05 11:28
25, 5′11″, high-and-tight haircut, T-shirt. A very dark red colour of hair.
2000.06.05 11:59
20, 5′8″, baseball cap, plastic-like white skin, brownish hair, thin brows of a lighter shade, ruddy whiskers on point of chin, excellent nose, vaguely soulful-cum-crestfallen combo of brows and eyes. Pulls out a fag, walks away. Blue windbreaker, jeans, sneakers.
2000.06.06 12:30
Rust-coloured Gap shirt, hair of almost exactly matching shade, combed straight back. 28, 5′9". Gave a knowing grin.
2000.06.06 12:50
30, 6′,0″, smallish glasses, pointy beard, jean jacket, red-copper throughout.
2000.06.07 14:00
23, 6′,0″, plain style of wavy mid-toned red hair, T-shirt and windbreaker and jeans, talking at a streetcorner – either giving directions or selling a pyramid scheme.
2000.06.07 17:05
Cyclist (likely courier), 25, dense unruly mop of carroty hair, lax freckly skin on the arms. Too much sun, one expects.
2000.06.07 14:10
22, rail-thin and wee, big blue eyes, white tank top, death-white skin, doing a hand-off of $5 bills with a black guy talking on a cellphone.
2000.06.07 17:14
6′,2’, 220, big muscley endomorph with vast legs, thick torso, and notable arse, 28, brush-cut short enough that the hair shows metameric properties (i.e., looks different under different lighting conditions), with black–cinnamon undertones, dark-red goatee. Accompanied by gf unit.
2000.06.07 17:16
42, 5′10″, very pale yellowy wavy hair, thinning atop, skin so white it seems to be oxidizing on the outermost layer. Invisible brows. Blue eyes squinting in sunshine.
2000.06.07 17:21
36, 5′10″, Beëlzebub goatee, curved nose, screaming carrot hair that needs combing, freckles, blue eyes, all-black suit, green canvassy shoulder bag, prissily waiting for streetcar.
2000.06.07 17:31
22, 6′,1″, brownish-red, dramatic shades, white business shirt, black pants, not-unmajestic and manly, striding purposefully with jacket draped over arm.
2000.06.07 18:25
18, 5′10″, hepcat, brown-over-black hair, pinky-red on top, handsome in baggy sweatshirt alongside mixed-race Asian friend.
2000.06.07 22:27
34, 6′,0″, remarkably fair strawberry blond, with light but thick-looking skin, icy eyebrows, and astoundingly long fair lashes over very bright and intelligent blue eyes.
2000.06.09 14:45
16, 6′,0″, geeky, gangly in clothes, nondescript red hair.
2000.06.09 19:16
45, 5′10″, 180, hair gone on top revealing mottled skin, glasses, general ruddiness approaching the look of the strawberry blond.
2000.06.10 13:25
40, 5′8″, 180, sandy hair, a mass of freckles on the face, substantial red moustache, waiting for streetcar with empty baby carriage, T-shirt and Adidas shorts.
2000.06.16 17:27
25, 5′9″, skinny, business-blue shirt, nerdy skull shape but bright-red hair. Obviously feels constricted in his office job, which he’s too young for.
2000.06.16 18:00
Shocking model-beautiful strawberry blond, of the sort considered archetypally German (like the iceblond fellow the Narrator beats to a pulp in Fight Club because he had to destroy something beautiful), 23, 5′10″, skating down the street. What Rutger Hauer would look like if he were an order of magnitude more beautiful and younger.
2000.06.16 18:04
6′,1″, 33, gorgeous head shape, high calves, statuesque, not quite at ease with his handsomeness. Red hair a marked counterpoint to his untucked white shirt and khaki shorts.
2000.06.17 13:20
24, 6′,2″, thin, strawberry blond with very clean-cut nape, acne-encrusted nose, in shorts with sockless, scuffed brown office shoes.
2000.06.17 13:25
25, 5′10″, Alexi Lalas type, with dreadlocks-like corkscrews of abundant curly red hair. Goatee. Shades. Skinny legs.
2000.06.17 13:35
30, prissy, boring glasses, boring haircut, walking with "girlfriend" but staring nakedly at me.
2000.06.17 13:35
The most astounding redhead ever. 23, 5′11″, unique head of naturally-red and dyed-red hair, long and standing upright at various angles showing areas of milky orange and pink. Brilliant red brows that are also partly translucent. Dark-red sideburns, notably-red chest hair. Warmly embraces his male friend as he approaches. They walk off together in search of a phone book.
2000.06.17 13:37
31, 5′10″, close-cropped auburny-red hair, walking with a bike helmet swinging by its strap in his hand.
2000.06.17 16:40
25, 5′9″, coppery, lots of freckles, vaguely stoned-looking, weird expansive fair brows, dirty white T-shirt and too-long black trackpants, loping along the street with a fag between his fingers.
2000.06.19 17:10
45, 6′,1″, strange bright-red mullet-like bizdrag cut (as though this were the best approximation his working-class worldview, and vulgarian barber, could come up with for office acceptability), blue shirt, tie, lighting a fag.
2000.06.19 18:30
45, 5′9″, 175, dumpy, curly red hair disappearing at the very crown, in a T-shirt and shorts. Wears glasses, waits in line at Loblaws. Oddly reminiscent of Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters.
2000.06.20 17:30
41, 6′,0". Twee, tall, middle-aged, plastic-skinned, blondish fag who’s been alone all his life and communicates such with eye contact, which he engages in promiscuously. Spotted on Church St. and at the Dominion.
2000.06.23 17:55
28, 5"11″, a bicycle courier with a dramatically long mane of ponytailed red hair undercut by a long nose and long face, akin to French nobility in ancient line drawings.
2000.06.24 14:30
22, 5′10″, very pale and spottily-distributed strawberry-blond bristles, with red goatee and shades, discussing with someone who could be his father but likely isn’t how he only got off work at 2:00 the night before. A bit of an indie-rock/roadie look, with the cargo shorts and the dumpy T-shirt and the inattentiveness to personal appearance.
2000.06.25 14:10
First of a series of Pride Day sightings
35, 5′10″, in a loud Hawaiian-esque shirt that doesn’t quite cut it as tastefully vulgar, looking merely ersatz. Fair reddish-blond hair, carrying a fey twine-handled paper shopping bag, with gf unit. A fin-de-siècle cuckolded look. Just what the redhead race needs.
2000.06.25 14:26
25, 5′10″, 250, almost no red hair; what there is appears in spikes at the front, all of it managing to look oily, with strange mottled regions of the skin, walking alongside female friend.
2000.06.25 14:39
28, 5′11″, flaming yellow hair, dumpy but happy.
2000.06.25 14:46
23, 5′9″, more on the wheat-coloured end of the axis.
2000.06.25 16:23
36, 6′,0″, playing bagpipes in parade. Beard, long curly hair. (A Groundskeeper Willie manqué?)
2000.06.25 16:40
37, curliest yellow-orange hair imaginable, moustache, shades. A geek playing a flute in the parade.
2000.06.25 16:42
24, 6′,1″, strange corkscrews of hair sprouting vertically up top. Walks geekily, as though not quite used to his own height. Orange shorts and thin legs. Again, not quite what the redhead race needs.
2000.06.25 17:27
Mark Leduc: 36, 5′8″, very pale blond, with considerable freckles and icy brows, walking with 6′,1" Latino bf. Still in excellent shape, and still the best-looking gay redhead this side of San Francisco.
2000.06.25 17:27:30
25, 5′10″, very tidily-cut honey-blond hair and plastic skin, with raver-like clothing.
2000.06.25 17:28
33, 6′,1″, thin, dark copper hair spread flat along top and extending back to nape. Would almost be a mullet with a bit more body to the hair.
2000.06.25 17:39
16, 5′9″, yellowy strawberry-blond hair, entirely unblemished fair skin, but brown goatee.
2000.06.25 17:57
33, 6′,0″, skinny, bright-yellow hair, very hairy forearms and chest. Hair appears flat and brilliant in the sun. Substantial sideburns. Female friend.
2000.06.25 18:25
24, 5′10″, slender, suedehead, canonical red colour of hair, round glasses, in a backwards Leafs ballcap and a Hooters shirt, carrying rolled-up poster and accompanied by gf unit.
2000.06.29 08:20
40, 6′,3″, kind of longish red hair, leaning over slightly to stare intently at a newspaper box.
2000.06.29 08:40
26, 5′9″, 185, a fat gay redhead with the kind of coarse russety hair associated with Greek redheads. Cream-coloured untucked polo shirt. Carries umbrella though the threat of rain is over.


2000.07.01 11:38
6′,2″, 36, quite slender, with flaming-yellow hair cut so flat that it looks mirror-like in the bright sun. Red sideburns and goatee, retrieving Saturday paper with gf. Drive off in economy car.
2000.07.01 13:30
24, 5′11″, pudgy, brownish hair that’s red in the sun and unkempt, like a hockey player’s. White T-shirt, shorts. A good skater. Powers away when the light changes.
2000.07.01 14:30
Carl Strygg: 35, 5′9″, in very good shape, with auburn hair, astonishingly light blue eyes, fawny eyelashes, and very large freckles entirely populating his shoulders and arms.
2000.07.01 23:30
One of the other gay redheads in town. 39, 5′8″, mesomorphic, close-cropped hair with standard male-pattern baldness, quite pale and not very bright-haired. A handsome man in general, and apparently gentle and unhappy. (I did say he was gay.)
2000.07.02 01:10
James St. Bass: 37, 5′11″, solid, tattooed on the right side of the right calf and on the left forearm, with now-legendary fawny eyelashes. Accompanied by friend. (See blog entry.)
2000.07.04 08:50
32, 5′10″, very handsome Anthony Edwards type driving a PT Cruiser – certainly an excellent combination to start one’s day. Rounded glasses, hair cut nicely so that strands fall in a distinct regular pattern, like overlapping leaves. Sandy-strawberryish hair colour. A successful, attractive man, and for all I know a complete arsehole, but grant me my illusions.
2000.07.04 17:10
45, 5′10″, 170, an oldish fag with startlingly bright red hair à la Jeff of yore. In fact, it’s the absolute identical colour.
2000.07.06 18:50
38, 5′10″, blue-collar smoker out walking with his taller, inexplicably-well-dressed, civilised-looking wife and baby daughter in stroller. Carpet of freckles on sun-thickened nape. A boor.
2000.07.07 22:40
24, 5′10″, 180. A dumpy queen in a white button-down short-sleeved shirt with faded blue cabana stripes. Never-before-seen, and likely natural, shade of yellowy-pink hair, with a passé and very gay-looking upturned tuft in the front, riding the streetcar with his fat, bearded bear friend.
2000.07.08 12:10
37, 6′,0″, red wavy hair receding at the front. A regular guy who happens to be a redhead.
2000.07.08 13:40
20, 5′9″, unique thin lax light-strawberry-blond hair coiffed in an attempt at a Cæsar haircut (lying flat across the top of the head, but receding hairline prevents a full-on Russell Crowe look). Seemed to be hurting in the bright sunshine.
2000.07.08 14:10
20, 5′8″, with a ’60s-ish mop of red hair and a red goatee. Topping off the look: Grey T-shirt, shorts, and small rounded sunglasses.
2000.07.11 08:40
37, 5′10″, male-pattern baldness but cut short, frankly red hair. Goatee, fag, coffee. Sexy, manly image undercut by irreducible elements of working-classness.
2000.07.11 17:40
6′,3″, 24, 170, strawberry blond. Quite fair. A regular guy, probably well-hung.
2000.07.12 19:40
41, 5′11″, 180, dumpy, in T-shirt, pants; looks like a mid-level salesman somehow.
2000.07.14 17:10
6′,2″, thinnish, bookish, 23, and so strange as to be an alien lifeform. Long-sleeved shirt (rolled to the elbows), long pants, suede shoes in the heat. Shoulder bag, like a courier’s only canvas and too small, contains, among other things, a long tube, as if for architectural drawings. Shocking red hair, wavy in an unpleasant way. A face that’s vertically squashed. At the extreme end of the funny-looking axis.
2000.07.14 17:20
Stunner of the year. 23, 5′10″, fair orangey-red hair and sideburns, 5-o’clock shadow, orange chest hair. Read what happened.
2000.07.14 17:37
20, 5′9, 160, skinny, pale skin under a ballcap, with David Duchovny–esque eyes (exactly the same angles of lids, and near-invisible eyelashes). Hair a metameric amalgam of yellow, silver, and blond. Bright-orange hair on legs.
2000.07.14 17:42
27, 6′,0″, a geek with red hair and glasses.
2000.07.15 13:35
45, 5′9:, 180, dense, very straight black-copper hair. Quite an aged, weather-beaten face like a dog in a Fido billboard, smoking a cigarillo.
2000.07.15 13:40
17, 5′11″, 160, metameric brown-blond-cinnamony bristles. Very clear pale complexion.
2000.07.17 08:05
27, 5′9, 160, brownish-red with hair cut in strands whose step-like increments you could definitely feel if you ran your fingers over his head. Could use a combing, though. Shades, a freckle or two. Carrying a coffee. Somewhat unattractive clothes, e.g., a shirt with too many pockets.
2000.07.17 08:50
24, 5′11, 160, very slender and fair-haired, though visibly pinkish in hue, in summery shirt and pants and sandals. Oddly, the pants-’n’-sandals combo works.
2000.07.18 17:21
25, 5′7″, quite slender. Thinning hair in an attempt at a Cæsar cut. Big, strong nose. Nice mix of clear regions and freckles. T-shirt, shoes, sandals. Buys groceries with plastic, and nibbles on something while sitting on a large rock across the street. Handsome enough, but clearly in trouble. Is he homeless? hungry?
2000.07.20 08:30
27, 6′,9″, 10, fit, pale and perfect skin, not a whole lot of red hair, situated on a lawn stretching before a dance class.
2000.07.20 08:47
34, 5′10″, 185, a majorly solid number with a substantial arse. Walking his dog. Sheen of metameric red/copper/blond in his bristles. Long shirt and pants.
2000.07.21 17:07
5′10″, 175, 43, plump businessman in suit walking a beagle. Straight coppery hair, conservative cut, part on left side. Rather intent on his cellphone conversation. But what’s he doing walking his dog on a concrete-jungle alleyway like Hayden St.?
2000.07.21 18:03
5′9″, 45, 176, stout. An oldish man in a good shirt and trousers, thick wrinkly skin, scant hair parted like a businessman with plenty of pinkish, healthy scalp showing.
2000.07.21 18:58
19, vaguely Pee-wee Herman–esque, a long and round head, short haircut just longer than suedehead length, renovating the outside of a bank in a dirty black Viper T-shirt and blue cargo pants. Tanned forearms.
2000.07.22 11:57
20, 6′,0″, 180, very fair and rosy-cheeked. Thick straight hair combed forward and up at the front. A big-boned lad. Good nose, near-invisible brows.
2000.07.22 13:02
5′10″, 160, peachy-red hair, thin nose, narrow face, invisi-brows, green T-shirt, not much muscle, extremely fair with pinkish undertones.
2000.07.22 13:14
23, 5′8″, 150, geeky, with bad teeth. Four-eyed, very carroty. Sort of a stereotypical redhead you’d see parodied on The Simpsons. Some freckles. Bright blue eyes. Quite happy-go-lucky, though, walking with a posse of a half-dozen friends.
2000.07.22 14:10
24, 5′8″, 160, broad-shouldered suedehead in street-sweeper trousers and a clingy, stretchy black shirt. Endomorph. Very pale fawny bristles and scalp nearly of a matching colour. Hairy forearms festooned with freckles. Oddly handsome. Matching brows. Very intently talking on shoephone, covering the opposite ear with the palm of his hand, oblivious to the world.
2000.07.22 14:34
21, 5′9″, 170, the brownest redhead walking the earth today, almost auburn. Very full, model-beautiful head of well-styled hair, fair plasticky skin, brown brows. Hair has a red sheen. Irish nose. Notably dark brown eyes. Talked to him. "Do you consider yourself red-haired?" "Redhead? Yeah, I guess so. Rust." Fun, up. Great teeth. Too bad he’s a butcher.
2000.07.22 14:54
27, 6′,0″, 180, muscular, guyish frat-boy type, rapidly losing his hair, with expansive face, freckles, and a friend with good shoulders and almost a redhead’s eyes. (He’s a blond nonetheless.) Sharing a shopping cart at supermarché. Would almost be a queer couple if they were queer. Redhead fellow’s hair is darkest where fullest; the undercoat is brown.
2000.07.22 15:27
Miss Carl Strygg.
2000.07.23 17:50
37, 5′10″, 150, very skinny, poor, weather-beaten, unkempt freckled redhead wearing huge dusty workboots and dirty clothes, riding a bike to a bank machine. Long but too-flat nose.
2000.07.23 18:10
20, 6′,2″, 165, in a summer shirt and pants. Very straight hair parted on the side and on the red end of the yellow–red scale. Buys cigs, climbs aboard streetcar.
2000.07.24 19:02
36, 6′,0″, 170, a shockingly handsome European-style redhead, in a green shirt, off-white pants, and good shoes. Luminous pinkish-red hair, each and every strand distinguishable in the light. Bright blue eyes. Features seemingly oddball at first, but the whole package is of a piece. Stunner.
2000.07.25 08:35
Dancer boy stretching again.
2000.07.25 17:10
46, 5′9″, 180, long untucked polo shirt, shoulder bag on left side (a purse, really, in that moderne sense), in shades, lighting a smoke. Tight-faced, sour, hard-looking fag.
2000.07.28 08:50
16, 5′9″, 150, very youthful, in green T-shirt, raver purse ’n’ shorts, with gf unit.
2000.07.28 08:52
27, 5′11″, 165, rough sort, high-’n’-tight haircut, black on the sides. Handsome, manly. Checked shirt. Lighting a fag.
2000.07.28 08:56
39, 5′10″, 170, very pink-faced, blond, very loose tank top, tattooed calf, balancing potting soil on his bike rack. He Meets the Legal Definition.
2000.07.28 17:40
17, 6′,0″, 165, gangly, with a bizarre haircut – shaved to bristles around the skull from just above the ears downward, floppy and overgrown mushroom of hair above. White T-shirt, shorts.
2000.07.28 23:45
Duncan. He notes but entirely ignores me. Looking somewhat more lined and weather-beaten than before. Sleeveless black T-shirt, showing up at fag rock night at the El Mo.
2000.07.28 23:47
25, 5′11″, yellowish-blond, thin.
2000.07.28 23:55
26, 6′,0″, 180, light red hair cut bristly, noticeable facial features. A bit of a rough boy, to paraphrase Pete Townshend. A walking cock, really. PVC pants, very big, indisputably butch boots with prominent toebox, black T-shirt. Good body. Quite simply a hot number. Noticed me for half a beat.
2000.07.30 14:35
19, 5′9″, 160, strangely yellow-red hair, with sideburns turning brown at very bottom. Yellow T-shirt: How unfortunate. Walking with two girls.
2000.07.30 14:40
32, 5′10″, 180, round-faced, gormless freckled redhead in grey T-shirt chowing down on the haute cuisine of Mickey D’s. Gazing blankly into space. Hair loss at edges makes his head look even rounder.
2000.07.30 14:42
26, 5′9″, 150. Mega-geek, a Bill Gates manqué in straw-consistency straight red hair and nerd glasses. Fortunately, his uniform top is green.
2000.07.30 16:06
18, 6′,1″, 150, very skinny, brownish hair with a decided red sheen, upturned at front. Rather quite rosy-cheeked, with screaming blue eyes made all the more dramatic by startlingly long, coal-black eyelashes of a calibre suitable for a mascara commercial. Looks like a drag queen even without wearing a frock.
2000.07.30 17:21
24, 6′,0″, 170. Lovely canonical fair red hair. Vaguely suspicious return of my gaze. White T-shirt. Freckles all over face, nape, forearms. Ice-blue eyes. Bit of a goatee at chin tip. A very beautiful young man, and intelligent-looking despite scratching off a lottery ticket while sitting on the eetcarstray. Bonus: Equally canonical fawny eyelashes... and brows!
2000.07.31 17:04
43, 5′10″, 190. Oddly mottled skin, as if pimply, with freckles, brownish-red hair, but not a lot of it, straight and flat on top and front. Vaguely U.S. military–esque looks, but an invert.
2000.07.31 17:15
25, 6′,0″, 170, with a rather square haircut. Very brown, but with a matching reddish complexion. An indie-rock d00d, with a shirt open and flapping over a black T-shirt, trousers. Carrying what appears to be an Engelbert Humperdinck LP, incredibly enough.
2000.07.31 17:18
23, 5′9″, 160, very dense oily shock of yellow-red hair under cap. Copious muttonchops. Raver’s baggy clothing, owning the sidewalk with his posse.
2000.07.31 17:19
30, 6′,1″, 170, aquiline, fire-red hair, white T-shirt loose at the base of the nape, walking quite regally in fierce-ruling-diva-manqué style.
2000.07.31 18:10
16, 5′9″, 175, very young, fresh-faced, slightly overweight fair redhead, with nonspecific haircut.


2000.08.01 17:25
19, 5′10″, 165. Rather conservative but notably tidy well-gelled coif of bright-red hair, combed back in discernible strands. A few freckles, as if located at a deeper layer of the skin. Vague resemblance to Tony Randall. Baggy pants, khaki shirt.
2000.08.01 17:26
17, 5′9″, 175. Nearly luminous hair and alabaster skin under a ballcap. Sort of walking around hipsterishly with his homies.
2000.08.01 17:29
20, 5′11″, 165, dark on sides and back, quite bright at the front, where the hair is upturned. Grey-blue T-shirt, silver necklace, Everlast version 2.0–style facial hair, shockingly bright blue eyes. Matching red brows. Hot-cha-cha.
2000.08.01 17:37
28, 5′8″, 160. Very trim and self-assured paramedic in good sunglasses. Not a whole lot of hair left, and close-cropped, but bright orange nonetheless. Acne and freckles, which somehow doesn’t look as pizzafaced as it might seem. Substantial stage presence. Noticed me twice, so I chatted him up, asking (sincerely) where he got his fabulous heavy-duty striped cargo pants. He’s a graduate in emergency telecommunications, and works as a volunteer EMT for St. John’s, whose vans are well-designed. And, by gar, he worked Gay Pride, too. In a parallel universe, I just met a boyfriend.
2000.08.01 17:40
27, 6′,3″, a geek. Very brown uncoiffed hair, orange shirt, nondescript brown hair on arms.
2000.08.01 17:55
24, 6′,5″, 185, orangish hair, with full lips and prominent brows, but strangely pale skin. ("Strangely" even for redheads.) Red hair on legs. Yellow lashes. Chewing gum and doing a bit of squinting as he chats on a shoephone alongside notably shorter gf unit.
2000.08.01 18:13
33, 5′9″, 175, rather ravishing canonical redhead with freckles, fawny eyelashes, blue eyes, sideburns, ruddiness, Irish nose. Long brolly, Land’s End–style canvas briefcase. Everything you could want in a redhead, and a gf, too.
2000.08.02 17:11
28, 5′9″, mean, smoking a fag, tough-guy walk, storming up the sidewalk with papers under his arm. Rather a hot number, actually.
2000.08.06 12:02
Adam from the bookstore.
2000.08.07 11:55
21, 6′,1″, 170, very tall, slender boy with scant light-red hair, upturned at front. Summery white shirt and pants.
2000.08.11 12:57
20, 5′8″, 165, russet hair. Black beard growth, good stocky body with low, muscley calves, T-shirt and shorts. Most significantly, he’s black, the first real live black redhead ever spotted.
2000.08.11 15:55
42, 5′9″, 160, very fit, vacuum-packed man with shiny, lined, dimply skin, very prominent cheekbones, startlingly small yet tight, muscular, veinous calves. Thinning strawberry-blond hair, overgelled.
2000.08.13 01:30
19, 5′11″, 210, big shock of red hair in waves and strands, long fair lashes, rather overweight. On streetcar. "Comfortable?" I put my feet on the seat his friends just vacated. "I am now."
2000.08.13 16:15
37, 5′10″, 170, flat pinkish hair, stroller.
2000.08.15 15:25
30, 5′8″, 160, trim, very hetero, brownish-red hair with dark blue eyes, skinny legs, with headset and clipboard at film shoot.
2000.08.17 00:10
Sexy guy from Vaseline, who appears to be uncut. He almost noticed me once.
2000.08.17 00:45
Mike the 25-year-old tall sexy duplicitous redhead. Read all about him.
2000.08.17 00:40
32, 5′9″, 170, in extraordinarily good shape in the typical circuit-fag manner (tight, uniform musculature, no hair, tank top, fashionable culottes-like pants). Not a lot of hair on his head. Freckles and a few lines on forward- and upward-facing regions. No shame whatsoever: Avidly volunteers for Woody’s Best Chest Contest. Bumps into me and doesn’t notice.
2000.08.17 18:30
29, 5′11″, 170, hairy nape, green shirt, shades, brown-blond hair, gold brows (every hair discernible), trim, somewhat weak chin, but pinging with charisma. Noticed me twice. But drives a green Saturn four-door, unequivocal testament to (a) heterosexualism, (b) marriage, (c) boredom.
2000.08.23 10:35
29, 5′10″, 170, bright red hair designed in a do reminiscent of the whirls of cotton candy. Clear brows. Noticed me for some reason. I wonder what that reason could be.
2000.08.23 11:30
6′,3″, 25, thin, strawberry blond, lanky and carries it well, narrow shoulders, plasticky skin, visibly noticing a small chick getting into her Honda.
2000.08.23 11:57
42, 5′9″, 160, completely bald up top, yellowy and very tightly-cut hair on the remaining areas not associated with male-pattern baldness. Shirt and tie. An obvious fag.
2000.08.23 11:58
27, 5′9″, 180, yellow-red hair on a big head, well-coiffed, sideburns descending below ears. A forest of freckles on hairy arms; equally hairy backs of hands and fingers. Very solid and husky bordering on fat.
2000.08.24 15:26
27, 6′,1″, 210, dumpy, acne, squinting behind too-small round lunettes. Yellow-red with patchy absences, trundling along.
2000.08.24 17:22
38, 5′9″, 285, a Bruce Vilanch manqué.
2000.08.24 17:24
33, 6′,1″, 165, narrow-faced, with upward-pointing blondish-red hair, aggressively parted on the left side. Skinny. Rather undifferentiated look to the eyes.
2000.08.24 17:27
22, 5′8″, 155, very pink-skinned, white brows, frowning, very little red hair up top, walking with Orientalist "friend" who, by appearance, is otherwise a clone.
2000.08.24 17:10
36, stocky, behind the wheel of a Dodge minivan. Tightly-cropped hair, bald up top. Something of a hot number.
2000.08.24 17:29
19, 5′10″, 157, very young, with TV-commercial-style archetypal copper hair and freckles. Needs a combing, though.
2000.08.24 17:40
31, 6′,1″, 170, in business casual clothes, brown hair.
2000.08.24 17:41
Seen before. 28, 6′,0″, 160, very square jaw, fair of skin. Very bright blue eyes, red hair verging on yellow, vaguely prissy.
2000.08.29 16:10
27, 5′9″, 170, stern-looking dark redhead. Excellent colour, actually. Cæsar-style on top, where the hair is not abundant. Blue shirt and pants, tie, retail namebadge. A very dissatisfied young man, stomping back to work late from his lunch break.
2000.08.30 14:10
26, 5′9″, 170. A solid Howie Long–style middle-class jock type, with equally solid calves, square haircut, more on the brown side, with myriad tiny freckles on a plasticky complexion.
2000.08.30 18:10
18, 6′,0″, 165, tall, gangly lad with squarish head, almost jarhead-like. Gingery bristly hair, sunken, suspicious blue eyes, fair brows, stooped.
2000.08.31 20:45
Astounding, otherworldly creature. 25, 6′,1″, 170, every colour of yellow and red hair in a dense mop, long blond lashes, red stubble, long baggy shirt and canvas pants. Green-painted toenails visible through sandals, assiduously reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Welcome to the Monkey House.


2000.09.01 12:57
6′,0″, 34, 175, flabby skin at elbows, too-small shades, nice head shape, bright red hair with conservative part on the right side. Blue polo shirt, Dockers clones.
2000.09.02 13:50
35, 5′9″, 175, deep red hair (lovely colour), in a blue suit, apparently carrying a bouquet in plastic. Chin-point goatee in matching shade. Hairline receding. Drives a red Pontiac; gf unit is taller.
2000.09.03 23:30
Mark Leduc. Read what happened.
2000.09.04 00"10
23, 5′9″, 170, quite a meaty, broad-shouldered young lad in a too-tight T-shirt, with now-familiar receding plot of red hair up top. Also now familiar: Ignores me altogether.
2000.09.06 08:10
24, 5′6″, 155, very tidy Sean Astin type with russet hair, matching T-shirt, and hiking boots, with knapsack. Quite a package.
2000.09.06 17:10
19, 6′,0″, 165, spacey copper-haired lad.
2000.09.09 15:40
37, sandy-brown strawberry-blond hair, in blue shirt, grinning geekily and supervising some kind of drain repair.
2000.09.09 16:22
16, 5′9″, skinny kid with pale brows, puffy eyelids, Number 1 cut pinkish strawberry hair under backwards cap, on scooter.
2000.09.10 14:25
20, 5′8″, slim, a young kid with fiery hair and reasonably moderne clothes.
2000.09.10 18:10
37, 6′,4″, 180, very craggy-faced jogger with sandy red hair.
2000.09.10 18:14
The paramedic met before. Plus two others that day.
2000.09.15 18:35
24, 5′7″, 155. Wiry, dark-skinned, dark-russet-haired lad with hi-n-tight haircut. Only the long hairs are reddish. Black brows, eyebrow ring, painted-on-freckles located on arms.
2000.09.15 18:55
28, 5′9″, 170. Stunner, with short but not standing-upright dark-red hair, thick plastic skin, vaguely freckly look to the face, mole on cheek. Very intelligent blue eyes, peaches-and-cream legs, with gf. Bryan of years ago?
2000.09.22 18:25
22, 6′,0″, 160, fair-skinned lad with glasses and tight blond-red curls resting on a very dark bed of russet hair. Sweatshirt, backpack. I turned to look quizzically; he looked right back at me, but not in That Way.
2000.09.22 19:55
Lad with green-painted toenails spotted previously. Returned my glance disinterestedly.
2000.09.22 20:25
Stunning 5′10" broad-shouldered 26-year-old lad, weighing a good 175, with receding hair, but with very intense (and dense) blood-brown-copper hair. Equally dense goatee in marked colour contrast with alabaster skin. Very masculine, in bomber jacket, alongside gf.
2000.09.22 20:35
19, 5′0″, slim. Somewhat Dutch-looking, puffy-lidded boy in street-sweeper jeans, blue sweatshirt with white front zipper. Dark brown undercoat with golden top layer: A fashionably unkempt Jamie Oliver–like mop of hair, in fact, with strands at many angles. Slightly big nose, reddish bristles on chin tip, ring at top of ear. Chainmail bracelet four strands wide, blue eyes, black lashes. A university student from out of town on his first eetcarstray ride.
2000.09.23 10:55
35, 5′10″, 170. An American tourist, square-jawed, very intelligent eyes behind glasses, screaming-red hair and goatee. Hadn’t shaved today.
2000.09.23 11:30
2000.09.23 22:55
28, 5′10″, 170. Very plain, vaguely Irish man with a Leduc nose. Dark red hair with gf on subway. She tenderly fingers his forelocks. Head is very long from front to back, rather like Eric Stoltz in Mask.
2000.09.24 16:35
19, 6′,0″, 180, a mook with very brown hair under a Fred Durst backward baseball cap, black sweatshirt with orange Lugz logo. A francophone?
2000.09.26 18:25
37, 5′10″, 180, stocky, dark-red hair, jeanshirt and blue jeans, dark-blue T-shirt, chewing gum and looking at once tough, muscley, and been-around-the-block-a-few-times.
2000.09.29 12:36
28, 6′,0″, 150, a very skinny Man Who Fell to Earth manqué in white down vest, burnt-orange sweater. White skin, milky variegated blond-pink sparse thin straight hair, with rather unfashionable (i.e., refreshingly undramatic) eyeglasses. Hepcat-style purse over shoulder.
2000.09.29 13:20
36, 6′,0″, 175, "meets the legal definition": Brown short hair, plasticky skin, puffy eyelids, barely-discernible freckles but notably freckled arms, blue eyes, dark lashes, fawny brows, deep-red goatee, wearing an aggressively tasteful black sweater, holding court with some git in a shirt and tie from Epson.
2000.09.30 16:50
26, 6′,3″, 160. Very skinny fag with similarly skinny glasses and a too-tight T-shirt topped by a suedehead cut.


2000.10.01 18:58
18, 5′8″, 160. Very deep, impressive red hair, slightly receding but with valiantly maintained bangs. Pale, light-blue eyes. Blue plaid untucked shirt, talking on payphone about "water damage, or is stolen."
2000.10.03 15:05
42, 6′,0″, 170. Businessman with wavy red hair receding at sides of head. Jovial. Slightly-too-narrow nose.
2000.10.05 08:35
25, 5′9″, wiry, "meets the legal definition": Sandy-blond (with pinkish tinge), short, slightly wavy hair. A tightly-wound young man, fastidious with his appearance. Pearly skin. Eyed me warily.
2000.10.05 08:35
42, 6′,1″, 180. Very oily but clean straight blond hair with pink undertones. Preoccupied businessman.
2000.10.06 16:11
38, 5′9″, 160. Brilliantly yellow-golden-red-haired dad pushing stroller and accompanied by wifey, carrying flowers. White brows, simultaneously pale and ruddy skin. Fascinatingly multi-level colour gradations in hair.
2000.10.06 23:10
23, 6′,1″, a bit plump, with very shirt-cropped hair on a roundish head, with little tuft of hair at the very front. When your hair is pale-blondish-red and you’ve chosen to wear dramatic eyeglasses, this is not quite the hairstyle to go for.
2000.10.06 23:14
42, 5′8″, 155. Conventional haircut, but light-orange hair that seems sparse and dry and oddly voluminous.
2000.10.07 23:00
Mike the lying, duplicitous redhead. Read what happened.
2000.10.10 12:50
6′,1″, 170, 28: An odd case. Honey-yellow hair, wavy and thick-looking but well-maintained in a straight-on-top-and-sides do, with darkish complexion, two days’ worth of five-o’clock shadow, dark brows and lashes, and fashionable if undramatic eyeglasses. Puffy down vest. Either an exceptional colour combo or the best dye job in the history of hairdressing.
2000.10.10 10:40
5′7″, 185, 43, very unkempt wavy carroty hair, too long at the back. A film-producer manqué.
2000.10.13 17:45
31, 5′11″, 175. Tremendously thick, deep-blood-red, rich and oily hair extending to the shoulder blades. Well-combed and partly bound in a ponytail. (There’s way too much of it for that.) Glasses, beige jacket, backpack.
2000.10.13 18:40
28, 6′,0″, 170. Surprisingly retro-looking fellow with short, almost Afro-like dense brown-red hair. Everlast version 2.0 facial hair with bit of a goatee. Duster, bell-bottom jeans, boots, gf unit.
2000.10.20 16:26
43, 5′9″, 150, very thin and severe, rather like Richard Belzer but poorer. Black vintage suit, glasses. More blondish-red.
2000.10.20 14:30
26, 6′,4″, 180. A tall, well-proportioned young lad whose peachy-red hair looks fake against his dark brown goatee. Both are real. Unfortunate yellow-red shirt.
2000.10.26 13:40
18, 5′9″, 155. Very slender, possibly homosexualist boy with tidily-cut screaming-orange hair. And a "friend."
2000.10.26 12:30
33, 5′11″, 175. Very sandy blond hair in an undifferentiated 1984 cut, paprika sideburns, unfortunate beige shirt.
2000.10.25 18:30
42, 6′,0″, 175. Stunning, smart fag in black jeanjacket, earring. Brown hair with abundant reddish and brilliant-gold filaments, receding and cut very short.


2000.11.01 17:50
37, 5′11″, 180, stocky, thick-necked man with close-set eyes, dark close-cropped hair, goatee. Excellent head shape. Irish-cop look.
2000.11.01 18:17
25, 5′9″, 170, very fit young fella with good strong nose, unusual straight truly golden hair, and a perfect complexion at once fair and olive-skinned. Good shoulder girdle. Unique.
2000.11.07 15:50
2000.11.07 15:50
20, 6′,1″, fashionably loose bright-red hair, holding some kind of takeout.
2000.11.09 13:35
26, 6′,0″, thin, oddly, even weirdly Germanic-European-Aryan. Spare strawberry-blond hair in gelled straight lines, tuft at front. Fair. Very dark under the eyes, as if recently in a punchup. "Studying" in a café.
2000.11.13 13:34
21, 6′,0″, 180, big nose and a big head, sexy as fuck, with dense very short brown hair with red undertones, red goatee, dark complexion and eyes.
2000.11.13 13:50
18 at most, 5′11″, 170, dark but intense mop of well-cut rusty hair atop a very pale baby-fat complexion.
2000.11.13 13:52
6′,2″, 33, 270, very long variegated hair in a ponytail, homely, too-small eyeglasses.
2000.11.13 15:30
39, 5′7″, 160, short-haired Irish lad. Coppery, bristley, receding hair. Heads into liquor store.
2000.11.13 16:10
23, 5′11″, 195. A plump man with very thick wiry russet-copper hair that, very unfortunately, bobs atop a Flashdance headband.
2000.11.15 18:10
35, 5′10″, 180, a remarkably handsome man, with brown-copper hair featuring a shocking-red undertone never seen before. And green eyes.
2000.11.18 13:10
32, 5′9″, thin. Suedeheaded, very russety, the colour and look of a suede jacket. Male-pattern baldness. Very ill-advised shades; needs a hat to accompany them. Blonde gf with leather jacket and pants walking alongside him is a good two inches taller. Who calls the shots there, I wonder?
2000.11.25 13:28
27, 6′,2″, reedy, pale-red hair, a complete nebbish, with negligible chin and two fat gfs.
2000.11.25 13:42
37, 5′11″, 180. Grizzled working-class dude with dense sandy-red hair and crowbar moustache. Riding bike.
2000.11.25 13:55
The only redhead in this compilation without a single red hair on his head. Grey-silver-white-black hair, like a wolf’s in winter. Red van dyke and sideburns, pallid face. Very handsome; exceptional.
2000.11.25 14:04
33, 5′10″, 170, very close-cropped russet receding hair, glasses, black leather jacket, gf.
2000.11.30 20:40
27, 6′,0″, 170, milky-skinned Branagh type, but with ruddier wiry hair and a skimpier goatee.
2000.11.30 21:30
24, 5′11″, 180. British left-hander with short brown/dark-red hair, darkish skin, black brows and lashes that don’t look out of place. Good chest. Works at a cinema. Chatted him up about being left-handed; claims to play sports with his right hand quite a bit, making him a typical gauchier. His gf does nothing with her right hand. And he claims to be an actor. "British, red-haired, left-handed, in Canada," I told him. "Now that’s a niche."


2000.12.01 0010
24, 5′9″, 170, startlingly delicate looks, alabaster skin, long pinkish lashes, tousled short wavy hair with a luminous amberish tone.
2000.12.01 10:30
Same tall geeky lad seen twice before. Hair seems brighter today; could be the light. Looked at me suspiciously.
2000.12.01 12:20
23, 6′,0″, 160. Quite handsome and very coppery lad in suit announcing a squash tournament. Black undercurrent to hair.
2000.12.01 12:35
34, 6′,1″, 200. Businessman with unusually dense, unconstructed oxblood hair, quite long. Cries out for a good haircut.
2000.12.08 12:00
27, 6′,0″, strawberry-blond with uplick like Tintin. Pretentious. Black greatcoat. Stuck with looking more fey than he wants to be.
2000.12.08 12:05
26, 6′,0″, 170. Shocking yellow-orange hair, thin and very short, white-painted geisha albino skin, matching lashes, vanishing brows, ruddy ear edges. Takes out shoephone. “But I’m telling you, it’s a major fuckin’ snowstorm downtown. Is there snow in Scarborough? I’ll call you when I get to Scarborough. Ho-ly shit!” Blue hepcat quilted jacket and platform sneakers.
2000.12.09 15:20
32, 6′,0″, 180. Notably lavish, dense, layered, well-cut shock of dark-orange-sandy hair that invites the fingertips. Dramatic rectangular eyeglasses. Possibly some freckle action. Looks at me with no especial interest or disinterest.
2000.12.10 11:55
23, 5′7″, 150. Thin neck and prominent occiput showcase a very thick, short mask of oxblood-brownish-red hair that actually glows. The kid, however, is a bit of a runt, with too-long pant legs that bunch up a little. Glasses. Walking with friends.
2000.12.12 16:50
30, 6′,0″, 170. Dramatic eyeglasses. “In your opinion, is your hair auburn or red?” “Red.” Nope. Auburn. Freckly. Red sideburns.
2000.12.12 18:00
27, 5′11″, 160. A handsome, shy, slightly prissy lad with ragingly carroty hair that appears to bleed colour. Excellent cut. Glasses. A few zits. Slightly too proper cloak, filigreed cream scarf, black leather gloves. Square jaw. Too-small wire-rimmed glasses. Got very nervous indeed when I chatted him up. After an interval of reading every newspaper in the coffeehouse, he gives up and crosses the street to await the eetcarstray. Quite possibly stood up for a date.

January 2001

2001.01.23 17:05
21, 5′10″, 160. Thin, very fair, underdressed boy with very sparse light-strawberry-blond hair that is almost a high-’n’tight cut. Hair is far too short given the sparseness an near-translucency. Needs to wear a cap in weather like this.


2001.02.06 12:00
Stunner. 30, 6′,0″, 180, movie-star-quality canonical red hair, black overcoat. Heads into candy store. The big question: Who does he remind me of?
2001.02.06 13:10
26, 6′,0″, 170. Very young, chipper lad with narrow well-coiffed head of dark red hair. With friend. Good clothes.
2001.02.06 13:20
35, 5′10″, 160. A poor guy in a Leafs windbreaker out in the cold. Needs a haircut. Vibrant or orange curly hair with rust undercurrents.
2001.02.10 12:10
33, 5′8″, 170. Lowlife metal-d00d type with long slack brown-red hair, red beard.
2001.02.10 14:55
24, 6′,1″, 180. Mass of dark-red hair and way to skinny in his bomber jacket.
2001.02.11 17:45
22, 5′8″, 210. Fat but smart lad with red hair. Just red hair. Shortish. With the kind of wide-hipped build where jeans make him look like nothing but a fat guy. Curious about buddy’s PalmPilot keyboard.
2001.02.21 13:45
24, 5′9″, 175. Chart-topping copper-haired, square-jawed man with oddly dark freckly skin, excellent headshape, near-unique colour. And a gf unit.


2001.03.02 18:40
24, 6′,0″, 160. Fair-skinned, yellow-browed lad with dark strawberry-blond hair, skimpy, parted almost down the middle. Skinny ankles.
2001.03.07 14:30
25, 6′,10″, 175. Alarmingly dense russet hair with black underpinnings. But it’s real! As shaggy as a golden retriever. Matching sideburns like the hide of a tie-dyed chinchilla. Wearing a thick striped fur bomber jacket and dark stovepipe trousers, sashaying down the street as if in London in 1968.
2001.03.09 09:40
6′,0″, 170. Overly meek and pallid 30-year-old with slack pale red hair parted down the middle. Head down, walking doggedly.
2001.03.09 10:10
35, 6′,6″, 180. Shockingly skinny, with very nerdy headshape and a trim shock of vivid red hair.
2001.03.10 13:50
37, 5′9″, 170. Brown hair with sandy tones, thin but covering the while head. His head of hair gives an immediate impression of how it would feel when run through one’s fingers. Orange brows, pale plasticky skin with pointillist freckles, very light blue eyes, not-very-dramatic rectangular eyeglasses.
2001.03.10 14:00
19, 6′,0″, 160. Very thin young man with eyes as bright blue as the previous fellow’s. Also shocking orange hair and brows.
2001.03.10 14:15
42, 6′,0″, 190. One of the funny-looking redheads, with strange facial contours (prominent brow, high cheekbones, sunken cheeks). Ruddy-orange dark complexion and dark red hair. Unpleasant.
2001.03.10 14:35
16, 6′,0″, 160. A young lad with brown-red hair under a cap. Alabaster skin.
2001.03.10 17:25
33, 5′9″, 220. An English football hooligan pounding down the street in the wrong country. Red hair in a skimpy loss pattern, as though the product of badly-dispersed seed: Scalp is visibly intermingled with hair from receding brow to back of crown. Go back to where you fucking came from.
2001.03.10 17:35
17, 5′8″, 200. Kid built like a brick shithouse, with utterly massive shoulders and a rounded head whose russety hair is plastered down becomingly. Jeans so baggy they bunch up in several locations between hips and pavement.
2001.03.13 13:00
6′,3″, 190-pound rock star with dark-auburn mop of Beatlemania hair. Gets out of car insouciantly.
2001.03.13 13:05
Like Chris Meloni, but withy sandy hair, foreboding, deep-set eyes, and zits. Also short.
2001.03.19 11:30
25, 5′9″, 170. Conservative cut of rich ruddy dark auburny-copper hair, dramatic eyeglasses, and... Rollerblades!
2001.03.31 14:00
26, 5′10″, 175, somewhat Britishy, with receding tightly-buzzed red-brown hair, a strong nose, lots of confidence, a brown jacket. He and gf unit were surprised when I stopped at their crosswalk.
2001.03.31 14:05
23, 5′9″, 160. A very bright yellow-straw-coloured blond. (Not strawberry, straw.) Uncannily luminous, dense hair in a nice, well-maintained cut. Bright ruddy burns and goatee. Plastic skin, squinting even though it’s cloudy out.


2001.04.03 13:35
25, 5′8″, 160 artist with sketchbook on eetcarstray, but not pretentious. Dark, almost oxblood hair, with black undertones; looks fake but isn’t.
2001.04.03 14:15
23, 6′,2″, 180. Very tall, confident, well-coiffed but pale man with almost uncoloured strawberry-blond hair.
2001.04.03 14:35
27, 5′9". Wavy, dense reddish-blond hair, tousled and backswept, bright blue eyes, in phone booth.
2001.04.03 14:40
26, 5′9″, 160. Slender, rather drab and bland fellow with boring cut of hair just one tiny increment away from being brown.
2001.04.06 15:50
28, 5′7″, 160. Wavy full head of dark-copper hair, but tips slightly too tall up top (“big hair”). Pale skin, but too-long nose; gf unit.
2001.04.11 13:10
27, 5′9″, 170. Tousled, vaguely unkempt light-brown hair, but fawny brows, ruddy complexion with pointillist freckles. Quite handsome, if only he’d get his hair cut.
2001.04.11 17:10
22, 5′9″, 150. Sort of Greek-looking lad with head of darkest copper hair, but black brows and darker sideburns.
2001.04.16 12:30
18, six foot, 180. Utterly untended mop of long wavy canonically red hair, nondescript clothes.
2001.04.16 13:30
55, 6′,2″, 175. Very tall older fellow with scant red hair plastered to head, which is as thick as it grows. Boring windbreaker. Matching burns.
2001.04.19 10:35
29, 5′10″, 200. Chubby d00d with abundant curly dark red hair and too much beard. And an ill-chosen white patchwork coat.
2001.04.19 12:25
33, 5′7″, 220. Fat guy with multiple chins, pale skimpy yellow-red hair, and too-long jacket; unwise “kewl” baseball cap.


2001.05.06 14:00
25, 6′,2″, 170. Store clerk with stunningly long ponytailed wavy red hair.
2001.05.06 15:00
5′5″, 170. Pale-skinned but rosy, handsome, bespectacled man, 30, with receding hot-pink hair and a compact body absolutely jam-packed with rock-hard muscle. Not a whiff of homosexualism. Stunning.
2001.05.10 10:30
24, 5′11″, 160. Plastic-skinned queen with deep auburny glowing red hair.
2001.05.10 12:40
36, 5′9″, 180. Major hunk o’ man with balding wavy corn-red hair, reddish goatee, thick pale skin, forearms with frankly red hair and triceps with strawberry-blond. Good body, pronounced limp. Walks as if painfully.
2001.05.22 10:05
23, 6′,0″, 180 doofus with dark eyeglasses and pale blondish-red hair walking with his lumpen tourist family.
2001.05.22 10:06
27, 5′11″, 170. Very strange character. Icy complexion, Samoyed-bright eyes, yellowish translucent hair, in polo shirt, grey-’n’-white suburban hockey sweater, green pants, black socks, and workboots. Off-grey–taupe baseball cap.
2001.05.22 10:33
35, 6′,2″, 190. A businessman in Dockers® and blue shirt and tie who lopes across the street. With flaming iridiscent carrot-red hair.
2001.05.23 all day
Owen at CBC: 22, 5′7″, 150, very short spikey pale yellow-red hair, with lots of visible scalp.
2001.05.23 15:50
27, 5′9″, 160. Very handsome, self-assured, black-clad lad with alabaster skin, compact glasses and beautifully-maintained haircut, bright red-copper hair slightly upturned at front.
2001.05.24 17:10
25, 6′,3″, 160. Very thin, up-to-no-good stunner with wavy hair of the richest red imaginable, bushy fair brows, and bright-blue eyes. Alarmingly skinny.
2001.05.26 11:25
33, 5′11″, 175. Bright-yellow and quite wiry hair above a none-too-handsome face and at least one small hoop earring. Nylon tracksuit, gf.
2001.05.26 16:40
Three at once: 23, 5′11″, 160. Very thin, pale, whitebread lad with richly-oiled wavy white-yellow hair, pale skin.
2001.05.26 16:40
35, 6′,0″, 180. Spectacular model-calibre Boris Becker type, with freckles, intelligent blue eyes, bright-red hair, and expensive clothes.
2001.05.26 16:40
Some fag typically seen at the homosexualist film festival whom I have had quite enough of.
2001.05.30 18:40
26, 6′,0″, 170. Ice-blond with mod-style flat-against-the-head hairstyle, long sideburns, fair plastic skin, translucent brows and transparent lashes over dark blue eyes. White cargo pants, unloading a vacuum-sealed box. Not unstunning.
2001.05.31 18:45
17, 5′11″, 150. D00d on skateboard with spikey-gelled deep-red hair, long sideburns.


2001.06.07 14:25
20, 6′,0″, 170. Receding bright-red hair, clean-cut, alabaster skin he’s en route to burning by standing in line on the street. Excellent nose and jawline, unfathomable sandals.
2001.06.07 14:45
5′11″, 200, 37. Pudgy/stout and with unattractive black-copper-strawberrry hair. Sideburns, “kewl” clothes, bit of a double chin.
2001.06.07 14:56
32, 5′10″, 160: Deep red-black hair thrown straight back. Skinny. On bike.
2001.06.11 11:55
38, 6′,0″, 180. Very pink-skinned and fleshy, with screaming blue eyes and white lashes. Brown branaghian hair. Very Irish. Marking some kind of math homework with friend.
2001.06.11 17:45
21, 6′,0″, 170. Very young, troubled lad whose pale baseball cap fails to hide his yellow-orange hair. Orange sideburns, chinstrap beard.
2001.06.11 18:13
25, 5′11″, 160. Very scrawny but obviously intelligent d00d with dense wavy head of hair (and a big head at that). Scraggly stubble and something resembling a goatee. Very dark brown-red hair, ruddy, complex; OK nose. I like him. Oblivious to my stares.
2001.06.13 11:45
30, 5′7″, 155. Very slender, ruddy, Irish-looking bike-porn cyclist with very skimpy light-red hair. He really needs to stay out of the sun.
2001.06.13 11:55
23, 5′8″, 180: Pudgy but intelligent land with astonishingly vivid dense orange hair and a bit of a van dyke, darker.
2001.06.13 12:05
30, 6′,1″, 170. Courier, with eyebrows angled down on the outside edge, rather like Russell Crowe. Thick skin, dark milky-red hair, and not a lot of it.
2001.06.15 15:00
37, 5′7″, 180. Solid, almost hunched decades-out-of-date man in dark T-shirt. Thick fair reddish hair and equally thick matching beard.
2001.06.15 15:45
20, 6′,5″, 190. Very thin, quite dumb coffee server. Already got hair recession. Dark auburny-red hair, cruelly short; dark-brown brows; dark-red hair on legs.
2001.06.15 17:25
28, 5′11″, 170. Long, rich reddish-brown hair on a reject.
2001.06.15 18:30
25, 5′11″, 160. Skinny fey fag out shopping with bf. How cozy, how domestic, how Toronto. Light orange-brown hair.
2001.06.15 18:32
35, 6′,0″, 185. Strangely handsome solid man with spiky but very short and backswept white-red-pink hair that demands thorough digital examination.
2001.06.16 14:12
34, 5′11″, 220. Obese, good-hearted dad with too-long straight copper hair, shades.
2001.06.16 14:30
36, 6′,1″, 180. Stunning haircut on a vaguely pretentious but very handsome man. Dark orange-red hair, short back and sides, with every strand individually curved in a different direction. Darker sideburns, ice-white skin, a too-small nose. White shirt and shorts, gf.
2001.06.16 14:32
37, 5′11″, 210. Dumpy slob with short receding suedehead orange hair.
2001.06.16 14:44
27, 6′,6″, 200: Handsome and lovable but frightfully skinny lad with vivid orange hair, white brows and lashes, blue eyes, orange goatee, with gf.
2001.06.16 14:56
53, 5′9″, 190. Old guy with vanishing sandy-orange hair and very fair orange brows. Could sure use a workout.


2001.07.14 18:40
After missing the notation of a million redheads, these two could not go unreported. 50, 5′10″, 150. Scarily thin, also bald guy in a baseball cap and alien-insectoid-green wraparound shades. Red hair on legs and arms and an absolute ocean of red freckles. Are the freckles on the neck actually liver spots?
2001.07.14 18:41
6′,2″, 190, 28. Bald d00d with carroty goatee, translucent hair on arms, an equivalent sea of much paler freckles, horizontal scar on left edge of left knee. Prominent brow. Good calves, socks. Ostentatiously ignores me while reading a very big paperback.
2001.07.27 12:35
43, 5′10″, 170, full head of dark red hair, Vuarnets with thick grey rims. A teacher discussing how to deal with classroom bullies. Really.
2001.07.27 13:10
Details absent.
2001.07.27 14:10
21, 5′8″, 160. Very classically handsome lad with deep oxblood brownish hair and plasticky skin. Very confident alongside his gfs.
2001.07.27 14:35
21, 5′9″, 190. Fat kid in glasses with skimpily flaming hair cut very short and spiky. Too-small glasses. Not exactly a “look.”
2001.07.31 14:10
18, 5′8″, 160. Skinny, fey lad with not much red hair and an incipient double chin.
2001.07.31 15:20
6′,0″, 37, 180. Businessman in excellent black suit, straight golden-red hair combed forward and upturned voluminously. Talking amiably with female friend.
2001.07.31 15:26
28, 5′11″, 170. Bit of a nebbish in spiked receding orange bristly hair.


2001.08.01 12:50
20, 5′10″, 160. Skinny but very handsome lowlife type sitting around smoking with female friend. Dull-orange hair in a good cut, fashionable silver-grey shirt.
2001.08.01 15:00
26, 5′10″, 180. Strangely Slavic-looking round-faced lad with freckles at facial periphery, intense gaze, bristly orange hair.
2001.08.01 15:15
30, 6′,0″, 190. Golden-red-flaxen-haired lad, slender but not skinny, in fair-coloured untucked shirt. Confident.
2001.08.01 15:25
18, 5′10″, 200. Chubby kid with shoephone glued to ear and unattractive orange bristles. Gives redheads a bad name, merely adding to the reason he is annoying.
2001.08.08 15:30
Gorgeous 6′,1″, 170-pound 36-year-old in loose blue shirt, shorts, shoes with no socks that somehow all works. Bright blue eyes and canonically candy-red hair. Jawline. Intelligence.
2001.08.14 11:50
Right up close, too. 22-year-old, 5′8″, 160-pound-lad with glowing golden-red toffeësque hair, in a good cut with a cowlick. Sideburns, shades, tremendously milky complexion.


2001.09.07 all day
19, 5′7″, 160. Nº 1 cut of flaming hair and matching long sideburns. Very pale and handsome.
2001.09.07 16:00
33, 5′9″, 180. Devastatingly solidly-built man with copper-bronze hair, and with bright-orange hair on extremely substantial calves. Trim, fit torso, not unhandsome. Marred by anklet socks, Eddie Bauer shorts, untucked polo shirt, and unretro unironic aviator shades.
2001.09.07 20:00
35, 5′8″, 190. Dumpy, poor fellow with strange pompommed brown-red hair.
2001.09.07 21:00
24, 5′11″, 160. Skinny fag with translucent red-strawberry hair.
2001.09.12 12:20
Essentially simultaneous: 22, 5′11½″, 160. Slender young man with standard-issue light-orange hair and matching forearm fuzz.
2001.09.12 12:20
38, 5′9″, 180. Balding guy with pale strawberry hair, goatee, in bland open-necked shirt.
2001.09.12 12:20
27, 5′8″, 160. Almost a doppelgänger of the first sighting today, but more gay. ¶ One other lad later.
2001.09.12 13:35
26, 5′9″, 160. Slender, happy, quite possibly homosexualist cyclist almost juggling his bike saddle as he walks with his pudgy “friend.” Orange hair, receding; shades. Probably hot in bed.


2001.11.01 11:45
Deadly avant-garde 22-year-old, 5′10″, 170, with Nº 1–cut orange hair, a compact head in an odd but not-displeasing shape, and radical kewl shades, too-bulky cargo pants, and a shimmery burgundy shirt. Best feature: Astoundingly thick, tight, veinous forearms. And the pinprick freckles all over. Seen again later, around 15:50. Big day on the eetcarstray for this lad.

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